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Thread subject: rebuilding my site
Name Date Message
Tim P 08/22/07 10:27 pm MY SITE
cathy 08/22/07 10:55 pm Great pictures with alot of heart. Were some of the osprey photos of the DPOF female defending the nest? I wonder how common it is for ospreys to perch on another's back. I didn't see this before this year.
Celeste 08/23/07 04:37 am Beautiful Tim. I am looking forward to future photos.
karen 08/23/07 08:48 am Looking good Tim ....I'm sticking with you and have you bookmarked ....great photos.
Kathy 08/23/07 10:33 am I'm still with you Tim, waiting patiently. Beautiful!
cathleen 08/23/07 11:07 am Love the photos - the silhouettes, closeups, couples... all of it with a lot of heart, I agree completely.
martyc35 08/23/07 11:27 am Great work, Tim, and I know it is a lot of work! Keep it up,
Shelley 08/23/07 11:46 am What, no music?!

Just kidding! It's looking great, Tim, really!
Pam 08/23/07 12:15 pm I'm glad you have not got dark background this time Tim - it was hard to read your text before. Are you going to name the "other birds" eventually and tell us a little about the photographs i.e. where and when they were taken? Have bookmarked you.
Tim P 08/23/07 01:15 pm Shelly, Iâm looking for the pic of the Brazilian Cardinal. Have a lap top & 2 pcâs to go through, it may take a while. . Iâm gonna pic a song just for you eventually.
Cathy, the DPOF nest shots were taken early spring when all the commotion & attacks were happening. Pam, Iâm glad you find it easier on the eyes.
I want to include a page that will have interesting shots from friends.
I will eventually have a link for pics to be mailed to me. This will allow those with out the capability to upload, to have their photos seen.
Karen, itâs more important for me to try to capture some behavior of the animal life then it is to have superb quality shots. Birding is the objective, if I can get a picture, Bonus !
DaisyG 08/23/07 01:43 pm Looking really good Tim. Love the pics.
Matt 08/23/07 04:15 pm Great site Tim.
Tiger 08/23/07 05:59 pm Those are really lovely pictures Tim. Like the site too.
terryo 08/23/07 07:26 pm Tks for posting your new site T, it's got a lot of potential. You gonna post that secret natural osprey site you mentioned one time?lol
Pamela 08/23/07 09:32 pm This looks like alot of work, but it will all be well worth it. Your link is helping me with a visitor I'm having, thanks:)
lynn 08/23/07 09:47 pm Tim, great photos! Were all the photos taken locally, ; central Long Island? I've never seen the Yellow Warbler, or the Bluebird, and have only seen the Indigo Bunting a few times, once being a month or two back.

You're in my favs, so I can check back and see what's new. Thanks for another local site for birds! :-))

Lori 08/23/07 10:09 pm Ahhhh Tim it's good to have you back! :-) As always...great pictures, looking foward to more.
Madeline 08/24/07 12:37 am Yeah! Good to see you are up and running again Tim. Great picture of the GHO, and in the day time too.... Hoooo-hoooo me? I had to look up the shore bird with the red wings and black and white head, the Ruddy Turnstone. It looks like it wants to be a wood pecker :-)
Trishrg 08/24/07 08:38 am Excellent Tim.
I've always enjoyed your site. You get the most incredible shots.
You disappeared for a while there and we had a chat about you because I asked, Where's TimP?
A good debate about PC's and Mac ensued, etc. etc.
Glad your site is going again, and I have your page bookmarked again.
Mickey 08/24/07 12:17 pm Tim....I like this site as opposed to the other. The colors are easier on my eyes and I can read the words.
If Im not mistaken, didnt the old site have a dark blue backround with black fonts?
cheryl 08/24/07 02:25 pm Beautiful pictures and site Tim. As Pam mentioned earlier, will you label the other birds so that we can not only appreciate their beauty, but learn as well?

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