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Thread subject: Vomit Island - Discovey Channel
Name Date Message
Craig 08/23/07 06:42 pm In case you missed it, The Discovery Channel is showing the Vomit Island episode of Dirty Jobs at 8pm tonight. Birds vomit as a defense mechanism...sometimes a whole fish.
Madeline 08/24/07 01:12 am I was able to watch it last Saturday afternoon at 1pm Craig. I think it's been on just about every day since then. I can't imagine the stench of rotten fish and no place to get away from it, since it's not just the island that smells, but so do you!!! Pee-eew. I have to give Mike Rowe credit for putting up with all the dirty, stinking, smelly and disgusting places he's been, but IT does come along with the... Dirty Job.

Thanks to all the people who do these dirty jobs, that we have no idea even exsist. You help make our world rock!
Melanie 08/24/07 09:36 am I empathized completely with him after going after pelicans and cormorants - I'm still trying to find a suitable-for-publication description for that odiferous miasma. And even though you know they don't have a lot of strength and can't really hurt you with those snapping beaks, it's still a good intimidation factor. Cormorant chicks, on the other hand, can and will open the back of your hand.

The stench of rotten fish is the least of it - it's mostly the dander mixed with the birds body oils and the excrement that really do the trick. But the good news is your nose burns out fairly quickly so eventually you don't notice it - too much. But when you get home, even after being completely drenched by spray in a bouncing boat, and take off your clothes - oh momma!!!!
Craig 08/24/07 12:47 pm Definitely kudos to all those people who do these dirty jobs! If they were able to transmit odors over the tv, I think I'd have to hit the 'lysol' button.

Pointed beaks with biting actions are definitely intimidating.

I'd be concerned about hurting the chicks when grasping them as they seem a bit fragile, especially the neck. And if they struggle too much, I would worry about dropping them, especially using only one hand.

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