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Thread subject: Santa Cruz eagle chick dead
Name Date Message
Trishrg 08/24/07 08:43 am The only chick to hatch on the island this year was found dead in Nevada. 4 month old baby.
Thankfully all the Catalina chicks still seem okay.
The biologist posted the news on the chat board.

Trishrg 08/24/07 08:45 am There was also an article in a local paper too
Sir Lance 08/24/07 10:04 am That is really sad. I think a lot of animal verses car accidents could be avoided, if people were paying attention and not speeding.
I can't help but think maybe if he didn't have all that crap on him, it could have given him the extra seconds it needed to lift off to safety.
:-( Not a fan of GPS and wing tags at all on birds. I also think banding is only necessary in some instances not all. I think sometimes (not all) its done more for human benefit than the well being of the birds. Just my 2 cents..
Celeste 08/24/07 10:06 am Though we know these things happen, it's when it hits home, particularly the observers of this eaglecam, from the day this eaglet was born, banding, first flight, that brings home what all wildlife have to endure, particuarly trying to co-exhist with humans, loss of habitat, etc, in order to survive.
Pam 08/24/07 01:22 pm What a shame.
Madeline 08/24/07 03:09 pm A truely sad story, and my heart goes out to the watchers of that Eagle Cam.
Sir Lance 08/24/07 03:48 pm I am glad these Osprey and the eagle an other osprey we watch don't get banded. What you don't know can't hurt you. All we know is they fly away in the fall and we hope for and assume the best.
lynn 08/24/07 06:42 pm How very sad for IWS and all the many eagle watchers arounf the world. :-( It was gratifying to hear the good samaritan called to notify the people who keep track of these wonderful birds.

Trishrg 08/24/07 08:27 pm SL
I know how you feel about it being easier to just not know. It really sucks being so emotionally wrecked after learning about this for a whole lot of people. I cried my little eyes out first thing in the morning at work the day I found out. THAT SUCKED!!! It's a bit embarrassing explaining you are bawling because an eagle died.

I also believe that the backpack they wear being less than 3% of the body weight of the eagle isn't a factor in whether it can fly away in time. I believe the biologists who are tracking these birds, in an effort to restore them to an area they used to thrive in, but due to DDT.... well, we know the story of DDT... I think the data collected is valuable.
I agree in some respect, what you don't know can't hurt you, but in another way, I sure wish I knew what happened to the stray wild cat I befriended a few months ago, who just disappeared a week ago.... I'd feel better knowing if he found a better food source, a more cozy bed to sleep in, or if he was dead. At least I would know. I want to know.

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