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Thread subject: Eclipse - Craig
Name Date Message
Pam 08/28/07 07:50 am I have it on RR right now if you want to look - hope I don't lose it while I type this.....
Tim P 08/28/07 08:13 am Thanx Pam.
Pam 08/28/07 08:36 am Hope you got to see some of it Tim. I have taken quite a lot of cqptures and will put in a special RR folder later when I have time. It was perfect viewing but of course not like seeing it for real because you get moisture on the cam etc. Nevertheless it was worth watching.
Tim P 08/28/07 08:50 am I did get to see it, thanx for driving the camera.
I often visit RR.
Pam 08/28/07 08:56 am Well sorry to keep dodging about but you have to keep it on the move otherwise you lose your picture. Also getting focus is difficult, particularly on the moon :)) There is a beautiful sunrise now...we will be on holiday over there is paradise to me !!! Now I really should get some lunch and get on with my ironing...back to reality unfortunately.
Marie 08/28/07 09:35 am I can appreciate the sunrise right now as the golden globe climbs above the horizon while I type this message, but too tired to get up at 3.30am to watch the total eclipse...too bad as I love taht sort of thing.....

Off to work again..............grrrrrrrrrrr
cheryl 08/28/07 10:13 am I couldn't see a thing this morning. No moon anywhere. I drove down to the beach (on Long Island) at 5:45 figuring that my view was obscured by all the houses and trees and only saw patches of high clouds and an even larger cloud bank down by the horizon. Maybe I was too late. I waited but the sun just got higher and higher. I'm came home to see the pictures on the TV. It looked beautiful. Sorry I didn't catch it in person. :-(
cathleen 08/28/07 10:32 am I saw it partially eclipsed at 5:30 am or so, and it was still a gray shadow on the moon (not orange color), but then it dropped below the treeline and anyway the sky was getting very light so I went back to bed.
Vicki in S. CA. 08/28/07 12:15 pm Here in Los Angeles it was complete about 3:00 am. It was not orange but rather had a yellowish blurry look when total. No clouds in the sky so the very sharp moon then began appearing from the shadow. Pretty good for the city of lights and smog.
Melanie 08/28/07 12:31 pm I guess I should have gotten up and danced naked around a small ornamental shrubbery (as a reformed druid), but I make it a point to see 5:30 only once in a 24 hour period and I prefer that particular hour in the early evening.......
Pam 08/28/07 12:54 pm Well I have been busy putting the captures into an album. The webcam had quite a lot of moisture on it. I couldn't find the moon at first because it was so high in the sky and of course it was eclipsed. When I zoomed in I got some quite nice shots and when it the shadow started to pass downwards I even got a bit of colour at one point. The moon was still shining in the west as the sun rose in the east. It was beautiful.....enjoy......
Anne 08/28/07 04:11 pm Wow - thanks for those Pam. I just dont know how you do it. Well I do now of course - but you know what I mean.

When are you leaving for the US?
Craig 08/28/07 06:13 pm I was able to step out into my backyard and look up into the western sky and see it with the naked eye. But of course it was even more impressive with binoculars. It started at about 10 o'clock on the moon, with the darkness heading toward about 5 o'clock. It never really went totally black like in some videos. I could always make out some red/orange.

One impressive site was just before total eclipse, the majority of the moon was red/orange, with a sliver of white along the bottom from about the 8 o'clock to 5 o'clock positions. Then all the white disappeared, eventually starting to reappear around the 8 o'clock, extending up to 11 o'clock.

One image I really liked was as a little more white started to reappear, the moon sort of looked like an orange creamsicle ball, and it looked like somewhere off in the darkness a desk lamp had been turned on with it's beam focused on the ball around the 10 and 11 o'clock area.
Craig 08/28/07 06:20 pm Not a particularly great video, but listen to the speaker talk about how the orange at the beginning of the eclipse is all the sunsets of asia and at the other end of the eclipse the orange is all the sunrises.
Craig 08/28/07 06:25 pm Since I was awake for the lunar eclipse, I thought I was going to be able to see the first feeding of the morning for the first time. But nooooooo.... No feeding while I was watching. Perhaps while Dennis was hovering looking for food, he looked to the western sky and said 'Hey, what a cool and beautiful eclipse. Forget fishing. Hey Juvie, come check this out!"
Madeline 08/29/07 12:27 am Thanks Pam for capturing the eclipse. I was still awake at 5am, just didn't feel tired, but of course I layed down and I was out like a light. I did look out my kitchen window before I layed down, and the moon was full and bright. My husband left the house about 5:35am and heads west, with the moon riht in front of him all the way, but he said it wasn't much to see....Maybe next time it will happen earlier in the evening. I believe the last one was in the eastern sky, or was it the one before that? Oh well, it was beautiful anyway.
lynn 08/29/07 09:13 pm Still haven't been able to get either of the sites posted with the eclipse photos. Usually when I cut and paste I can get the site but, no go this time.


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