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Thread subject: Hi from Nova Scotia
Name Date Message
Kelly 08/28/07 05:32 pm As promised on the OD, this is the "newbie", Kelly. Now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), I grew up on Cape Breton Island where there is an abundance of birds (especially eagles), etc. for the eye to behold. I've been enjoying this website for a couple of months, and may I say ... I'm totally obsessed! In signing the guest book, I indicated there was a similar webcam set up in Nova Scotia but unfortunately it was shut down because the chicks were killed by a Great Horned Owl ( Which leads me to this question: What happens to the parents in these cases (which I hope is rare)? Do they finish out the season at the nest until it's time to head south? Any ideas?
Shelley 08/28/07 06:08 pm Welcome to a fellow Canuck! I'm in Toronto and Marie is in BC. Looks like we have the country just about covered!

At this cam nest, we have only seen a chick die when it was born last and was too small and weak to survive those first crucial days at feeding time. We have been fortunate that we've never had (since the cam went live, anyhow, as far as I know) any other bird of prey or animal, intrude and do damage.

I do believe, though, that if that were to happen, the adults would probably still hang around until their internal clocks told them it was time to leave. They have claimed this nest as their own and although I don't actually know for a fact, I don't think they would just abandon it, even if it were empty of chicks. If anyone else here can verify that, that would be great.
Celeste 08/28/07 06:22 pm Hi Kelly Welcome!

Too bad about your nest in Nova Scotia. When the male and female osprey have a "failed" nest, and it is too late for a 2nd clutch, they will hang around their territory and their nest for the season. The osprey couple will continue to protect their territory and nest for the following year. Osprey are drawn to their natal area, and next year if they have a successful migration, they will return and try again. The only difference is that the osprey couple will probably start their Fall migration a lot sooner than they would have if they had chicks. By the way, osprey couples do not migrate together. When there is a successful nest, the female leaves first, and the male remains a while longer to feed the Juveniles and hopefully teach them to fish!

If you have been following this site this season, we had harrowing moments ourselves, with osprey trying to take over the nest, the male "appeared" to be missing while there was this territory fight, and finally, the osprey pair left their eggs unattended on a raw rainy day for hours while they were protecting their nest from osprey intruders.

Craig 08/28/07 06:30 pm I would think they'd stay around until they're ready to migrate. I'm thinking migrations are built around the need to find warmer weather and/or better feeding grounds, and then returning to a nesting area to reproduce. As long as there's still good feeding conditions I would think they'd stick around.
Kelly 08/28/07 06:35 pm Thanks for the welcome.
Well here Nova Scotia, we seem to be only just now getting summer (July was lousy; August "iffy") - apparently September is supposed to be fabulous. It's too bad the N.S. site has not posted updates on the status or whereabouts of the adults.
Carla 08/28/07 07:12 pm The Blackwate Refuge in MD lost their Osprey eggs to crows this year. The female either hooked up with another male or the original male returned after a lengthy absence and they have stayed close to the nest throughout. Blackwater is keeping the web site up and running to see how long the Osprey stay and what other birds visit the nest. I love watching all the Osprey and Eagle sites but have learned the most about the birds from Blackwater. Does anyone know if Betty is still on L.I.?
Shelley 08/28/07 09:10 pm Kelly, are the NS osprey banded? If so, are they being tracked? Just curious. These DPOF osprey are not banded but some other nests we follow do have banded birds.
Kelly 08/29/07 06:31 am To my knowledge they're not banded; but, again, there's very little info provided on this site. If I get chance I'll contact the Museum of Natural History and report back.

Here's another link which provides info on N.S. birds:
Melanie 08/29/07 10:26 am We know osprey moms start migration before the dads and they don't hang around a long time once the chicks have fledged. It would be reasonably safe to think it's time for the moms to start heading south if they haven't already.
Marie 08/29/07 03:44 pm Welcome Kelley...good to have another Canadian on board.

As others have said the adults tend to stick around but don't visit the nest too often, although I have seen them adding more sticks to the nest through out the rest of the season after their brood have been predated upon. Then, I am sure the female leaves first as usual followed by the male at a later date. They generally don't winter together in the same place or even country it seems.
Carla 08/29/07 04:50 pm
Thanks Melanie. I thought it was about time for the females to leave and I had not see Betty on the nest lately. Was wondering if anyone else had. I hope Uno and Dos have gotten the fishing thing down.
Kelly 08/29/07 05:00 pm Well in reading the OD's from today, it appears Dos (if that's who we determine it is) hasn't gotten the fishing aspect down to a science yet ... he's been rather persistent this afternoon at the nest.
Tiger 08/29/07 07:57 pm Welcome Kelly. It is a bit late in the season but there is a new season starting in about 200 days.
Kelly 08/29/07 08:15 pm Better late than never, eh?
lynn 08/29/07 08:48 pm Welcome Kelly, always nice to have new birders to add to the general information here on the board. We have quite a number of very knowledgeable featherheads here on this board! :-) I was new to this board last August, and I can't tell you how much all the great people on here helped me out and gave me so much info.

Kelly 08/29/07 09:15 pm Thanks, Lynn. I know just what you mean. I've been "on board" for, what, 2 days and my head is spinning with all this knowledge and expertise. I am truly in awe and loving every moment.

I'm having so much fun ... thank you everyone!

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