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Thread subject: Saaski juvie eating on the nest
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/29/07 09:16 am The juvie was alone on the nest, turning around with each camera shot. Its mouth was wide open as it was calling for the food. Then the adult landed on the nest with a fish. The adult was gone in a flash. The juvie hooded its food for a while & then started eating.
Kelly 08/29/07 10:05 am Thanks, Nancy. I've been trying to play "catch up" with previous threads and did come across the one related to this site. Could you please provide me with the link to the website?
Matt 08/29/07 10:27 am

He looks like he's banded. That area looks like it had a fire one time. It doesn't have many old trees. Anyone have any information about that area?
Kelly 08/29/07 10:45 am Thanks, Matt.
FOB Webmaster 08/29/07 12:13 pm I looked Marjaniemi, Hailuoto up on a map a while back. The cam is on an inland island in Finland.

Apparently it's a well-known hotspot for birding.
martyc35 08/29/07 12:28 pm Tiger located this one and turned our attention to it. It's located above the Arctic Circle, so we saw it while the midnight sun was shining in June. It's getting dark there at night now. Two chicks hatched and looked to be doing fine, but when the crew went out to band them, they found one dead. No cause of death was ever given, as far as I know.

Matt, I think the trees are growing on permafrost, which makes them rather stunted.
Welcome to the board, Kelly.
martyc35 08/29/07 01:14 pm Just caught the juvie on the nest, and with that wonderful Arctic light:

JudyB 08/29/07 01:26 pm The little one died of some sort of wasting disease - the person who translated that info wasn't able to translate it more specifically than that. I got the info from the thread on the Hancock forum and posted it on the Maine forum. :(

The other chick does seem to be doing fine! :)
Pam 08/29/07 01:27 pm Oh that is just such a superb picture Marty !!!
Marie 08/29/07 03:47 pm Thanks for the info Lisa........lovely place .

Beautiful Juvie too.......I thought it wouldn't make it at one point during all those terrible rain storms a month or so ago. It looked pretty pathetic.Glad to see it did and what a lovely pic Marty. ;-)
Anne 08/29/07 05:03 pm I was talking to some people from Finland at the British Birdwatching Fair recently and I asked them about the osprey cams. They told me that the Marjaniemi nest was
run by the University of Oulu and quite close to the sea. The Finnish one we watch which is on some kind of metal structure and where there are other cams is in islands on the SW tip of Finland.

Btw, saaksi is the Finish word for Osprey.

Kelly 08/29/07 05:17 pm WOW ... that's gorgeous, Marty! Thanks.
martyc35 08/29/07 05:37 pm Thanks! Easy to do when they have such great cams.
Anne, I like the word saaksi, and i'm glad to find out what it means. I was pronouncing it "sexy," and I think I will just keep it that way. They are pretty sexy birds, after all. Sexy is better than Socksi, anyway:-).
lynn 08/29/07 09:03 pm Great picture Marty! Thanks for the links to the info Lisa. It's pretty interesting to find out what the Saaksi name means Anne. You're right Marty sexy bird is better than Socksi, (which sounds more like a cats name!).

Gee have I given everybody credits in this post, for everyones additions of info!?!? LOL

Madeline 08/29/07 11:38 pm What a beautiful capture Marty, and from what I can see, that nest looks so huge and in good condition. I agree with you lynn, Sexy sounds so much better.

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