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Thread subject: carmans river photos
Name Date Message
terryo 08/30/07 07:03 pm I decided to beat the Labor Day crowd and kayaked from 7am-1pm. First off, I saw one adult perched on a tree where I have observed him all summer. His mate was not around. I suspect that this couple experienced their 1st trip to the Carmans River area this year as I didn't see them around here last year. I saw at least one, maybe two, pair of ospreys fishing together, however I couldn't tell if it was 2 juvies or an adult and a juvie (which I suspect it was cause other then the dpof nest the other 3 nest I watched only had 1 juvie each this year). I saw either the same pair or another pair about an hour later fishing closer to the Squassux Landing area. I then saw one juvie in the Wertheim nest doing its fish calling for a long time. Never did see an adult deliver a fish to him. He/she was still fish calling as I was leaving the river 4-1/2 hours later. I paddled down to the dpof site and saw a juvie on one of the perch trees surrounding the nest.Judging by its voice I'd say it was Dos but can't be positive. This was around a little after 9 am. I see where Tim posted on the obs bd an adult delivering a partial fish to the nest around this time. I did obs the adult flying away from the nest at this time heading towards the ole standby perch tree loc to the w/nw of the dpof nest. I paddled down south towards the Bay but didn't see any action so I headed back north. About 2/3 of the way back I kept hearing a juvie fish calling in the distance. I backed my kayak into a semi-beached mode and searched and searched the treeline across the river w/my binocs. I finally found an osprey in a tall tree standing on a limb. I thought I had finally found this juvie (I have heard him/her before this summer but couldn't located where it was at) but as I got closer I heard then saw the juvie in a tree about 100 ft to the left of the bigger tree where I thought the juvie was located. It turned out the adult was on the big tree with a fish under its foot and the juvie finally flew over to the limb with the adult and the adult immediately started feeding the juvie. The juvie was almost hyper-chirpalting it was so excited to being fed. It was really special just being able to sit about 150 feet watching the adult feed the hungry juvie. Finally, as I was approaching the Wertheim bridge I spotted an adult near the tree where I had seen an adult at around 7:20am. I suspect it was the same adult I had previously seen. Feel free to correct any bird/flower misident I might have made. All in all a beautiful day with very little wind and no one else around. Here's the 3 part pictures I took, Photobucket was being a real shi...... tonight so had to break things up.

Part 1:

Click Here

Part 2:

Click Here

Part 3:

Click Here

Kelly 08/30/07 07:17 pm Wow, that's quite a report. Thanks!

It does worry me, though, that the juvie continues to rely on being fed. Time's getting pretty tight, I would think.
martyc35 08/30/07 07:25 pm Thanks, Terry. Those are great photos, and a nice narrative, too.
Sure looks peaceful out there in the morning. Lots of ospreys still around, huh? I think we will see them well into Sept.
Pamela 08/30/07 07:48 pm Hyper-chirpalting, what a perfect word terryo. You were wise to celebrate today, it looks idyllic and I couldn't actually see the mosquitoes you all discuss.
It was interesting to see the nest from the river. When you're looking at the nest through the cam and seeing photos from the land you can only just guess where the river actually is; your pictures really rounded out the layout. They were excellent. Thanks very much.
lynn 08/31/07 02:21 am Thanks for the great photos and narrative of your early morning trip to check out our ospreys! The nests look to be in need of a bit of renovating for next year! Nice to know there are still ospreys around so far.

Anne UK1 08/31/07 03:16 am Thanks Terry! It's great to get a feel of the area - as Pam says, I was amazed to see how close to the river the nest is. From the cam angle I get no idea of that - I've just got this vision of a koi pond nearby but the river being some distance away.
It really is beautiful out there, especially early morning. No wonder the osprey make that long journey every spring.
Celeste 08/31/07 04:43 am Great photos! I really appreciate how great you did from a canoe, having experienced trying to take photos from the lake in Canda. Wondering if the adult fed the juvie because there would have been a risk losing the fish from the tree if he had passed it on. And catching that photo of the Juvie flying to the adult certainly wasn't an easy one to get particularly from the lake! Really enjoyed them, thank you!
Nancy L 08/31/07 09:33 am Enjoyed your narrative & photos. I just can't imagine staying out on the river that LONG! Did you have a picnic?
terryo 08/31/07 10:25 am No picnic Nancy, just sitting on that hard plastic seat. Fortunately I have a lot of padding, I did have a pack of peanut butter crackers and some water. I really know how to fine dine on the River.
Lucy 08/31/07 11:05 am wonderful photos... I love seeing the bigger picture especially when it comes to nature. Your dedication is much appreciated!
Craig 08/31/07 02:17 pm Great pictorial Terry! Really helps to expand the images in my mind beyond what I can see in the cam.
Pam 08/31/07 04:01 pm Super pictures Terry. Loved the close-up of the swallows and the flower pictures.....and the scenery......and all the other birds too. It looks so peaceful. I wonder if there is any noise out there apart from natural sounds. Do you see many other paddlers I wonder?
terryo 08/31/07 04:44 pm Pam, I try to go during the week by taking a day or two off from work. I'm kind of anti-social when I'm on the water in that I want it all to myself LOL. Plus I always try to be on the water by 6ish - 7am when it's very still, just me and nature's noises and critters. My previous trip about 3 weeks ago there was about 50-75 kids in canoes/kayaks from some summer camp doing what kids do best, yell, scream, yell, scream, it's hard to search for ospreys with that many rugrats being kids. The saving grace to that trip was that I met all these kids as I was just about done for the day. I put in at Glacier Bay Outfitters on Montauk Hwy next to the Carmans and they don't open for business til around 9 or 10 (weekday, Sundays etc) so I'm long down river by the time the day trippers come out.

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