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Thread subject: Winged Migration
Name Date Message
Pamela 08/30/07 09:16 pm Several years ago my husband gave me the beautiful book, WINGED MIGRATION. It's particularly interesting at this time of year, although I leave it out year round and find myself leafing through it with snow flakes at the window.
PBS has been showing the film as part of their fund raiser lately. I'm sure you have seen it at one time or another, but it's well worth watching.
Kelly 08/30/07 09:45 pm Well, in counting myself as one among very few who does not subscribe to cable t.v., I "googled" Winged Migration, and this is what I came up with:

The trailer is spectaculor!

Thanks, Pamela.

Thanks for the info.
lynn 08/31/07 02:01 am Pamela, is the book "Winged Migration" a large beautifully colored book woth a CD? The reason I ask is that I just ordered and received a copy by that title for one of my grandchildren.

Madeline 08/31/07 02:08 am Winged Migration is a spectacular film, and so was that trailer to it. Just recently, I read the book Soaring with Fidel by David Gessner, and I remember there was a section in the book where Gessner made mention of Winged Migration and how much he loved the movie and wondered , How the hell did they film that? He especially wondered that after the antihunting scene, in which several geese are shot out of the sky. He writes that it is moving , particularly so since the film leads it's viewers into a personal connection with the birds. He also imagined that it made some moviegoers think critically about hunting birds for the first time.

There was one small problem with the scene, and he wondered,did they just happen to be filming when the hunters shot the birds. The answere is no. The geese were taken to an area in crates by the filmmakers and then were released within range of the hunters the filmmakers that they hired. With the cameras rolling the hired hunters blew the birds out of the sky.

With that being said, we now know that there is a lot of staging happening to get the shots they need for the movie. Despite what has been uncovered, I still think it's a beautiful movie!
Anne UK1 08/31/07 02:57 am Great site. I love the migration maps. Had to laugh at the Rock Hopper Penguin's route though :)

Celeste 08/31/07 04:34 am I also love the music and have it on constantly in the Spring and Fall in particular.
Pam 08/31/07 06:02 am Jacques Perrin's film (which won an Oscar for the best documentary in 2002) is indeed very beautiful with lots of uplifting and some poignant moments when you share the bird's struggle for survival on their long migration. It gives a human some small inkling of what the migration flight must be like, the seemingly endless and determined beat, beat, beat of the wings as the bird flies to its destination. I hate to think of them setting up a scene where birds are shot just to make a point in the movie. The locations the birds fly over are so interesting too, mountains, cities, oceans, deserts, even one scene in an industrial man-made hell. It is a definite must for anyone remotely interested in birds. It is obtainable on DVD by the way
Marie 09/01/07 09:28 am To add my two cents...............I was so MOVED by this film I saw it 6 times at the local theatre before I bought the DVD and the CD of the is truly a magical movie.
Like Celeste, I will often just play the music over and over again.. ;-)
Pamela 09/05/07 07:20 am Lynn, sorry it's taken me this long to respond to your question.
The book I have didn't come with a CD. It is based on Jacques Perrin's film and the text is by Jean-Francois Mongibeaux published in 2001. I have a feeling you have a newer edition and CD, too. What a great gift!

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