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Thread subject: Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River, L.I.
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/30/07 10:42 pm Took another walk this afternoon. A juvie from the Weeping Beech met all as they entered. He was perched high on the top of the tree. Once I entered Paradise Island, I heard many osprey. I saw one leave his nest in the pine tree.
I saw or heard: cardinals, blue jays, cat birds, robins, chickadees, crows, gulls; squirrels & one rabbit. My prize of the day was a Belted Kingfisher. I watched him twice dive & retrieve fish from the 'lake' portion of the Connetquot River. The river was loaded with many schools of little @ 2 1/2 inch silver fish - my husband calls them 'Silversides'.
A juvie was calling incessantly from the nest by the big meadow, until the adult came & dropped off a fish. Silence!
There were also beautiful Marsh Mallow flowers. On the way out, I was treated with both juvies from the Weeping Beech nest - one on the nest & the other nearby, both calling for food.
It was a very pleasant walk.
Madeline 08/31/07 02:21 am Sounds like you had a real enjoyable afternoon at the arboretum Nancy. It makes you feel happy just being able to see so many different types of birds, and let's not forget the rabbit and squirrels. I know that there are still lots of osprey around at Timber Point and W Sayville GC's, Montauk and Sunrise Hwys. The Belted Kingfisher seems to be a very successful fisher, I guess that's how it got it's name. Calling for food seems to be a juvies favoite pastime.
Celeste 08/31/07 04:34 am Thanks Nancy for the "reminder"!
terryo 08/31/07 06:02 am Thanks for the walk-a-logue Nancy, I can't believe I haven't been there yet, it always sounds like such a great place to visit. One of these days I'll get there. Tks again for your report.
Pam 08/31/07 06:06 am Paradise Island - very aptly named it seems. What a wonderful day out for you Nancy.
Nancy L 08/31/07 09:28 am Let me know if you want a 'tour'; I'm good at that!
terryo 08/31/07 10:26 am okey-dokey Nancy, tks for the offer.
martyc35 08/31/07 03:17 pm For our newbies, a chance to catch up on the history of the arboretum. I know when Nancy published a description of the place last year, I first thought it was a horticultural garden where one could get cuttings to try out at home. Only after Nancy gave usTHIS INFO did I realize it was named for someone named Cutting, stupid me. I think you sent some great pics, too, Nancy, showing the house and part of the grounds. I didn't find those in my bookmarks, but this text helps a lot.
martyc35 08/31/07 03:27 pm Follow-up on background for the arboretum: HERE is a source with pics.
Tim P 08/31/07 07:18 pm Alawys a good trip any season of the year . Thanx Nancy.
Nancy L 08/31/07 09:30 pm Marty, I walked through the Dahlia gardens on my way back from Paradise Is. BEAUTIFUL !

Today I walked in Connetquot Preserve, which is just north of the arboretum & part of the L.I. Greenbelt Trail, which goes from the south shore of L.I. (just west of the arboretum & north through Connetquot & on north to the Nesconset River) up to the L.I. Sound. Anyway, I didn't go up to the trout hatchery, but rather to Slades Pond, one of my favorite spots. I did hear one osprey calling in the distance - maybe the one who grew up on the hwy. nest at the Sunrise/Montauk RR overpass. I saw an animal eating greenery in the pond, & after checking around, I guess it was a muskrat. I usually only see them swimming, but this one was sitting upright, eating some vegetation in the water. Anyway, I was excited to watch it. A duck came along & the muskrat dove into the water. I never saw it come up.
Kelly 09/01/07 11:21 am Thanks, Marty, for thinking of the newbies and providing the info on the arboretum. Much appreciated!

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