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Thread subject: Nests
Name Date Message
Pamela 08/31/07 08:10 am Approximately how many osprey nests are in the area of Dennis and Betty?
AM4102007 08/31/07 08:39 am I have been wondering that myself, I also was wondering if they needed a specific amount of space around each nest or can they nest close to each other??
Tom I 08/31/07 09:09 am I know of 3 other active nests under a mile from this one along the Carmans River.
Carla 08/31/07 09:10 am I have also wondered about that and also whether or not they have any Bald Eagle nests.
Nancy L 08/31/07 09:24 am I know of 6 nests in the Arboretum, all within a square mile. Bald Eagles are plentiful along the Connecticut River, across the L.I.Sound from us, butI haven't heard of any around here.
Pamela 08/31/07 09:30 am Alan Poole mentions in his book, OSPREYS: A NATURAL AND UNNATURAL HISTORY, when erecting a man made platform to space the nesting pole 200-300 meters apart from an active nest. Then when the colony multiplies the platforms may be placed closer together.
terryo 08/31/07 09:33 am I know of 4 nests on the west side of the Carmans and 2 or 3 on the east side. Two of the 6 or 7 nests have not been used for whatever reason. I would think that there are also "natural nests" used by some birds along the river but I've never seen any, just my hunch. The actual 'flight distance' is only about 2 miles or so as the osprey flies between all these nests I would guess. The fish were really jumping in certain sections of the river yesterday.
Melanie 08/31/07 10:14 am I have spoken with a couple of birders who participate in a Long Island rare bird alert list. There are no known bald eagle nests on Long Island and that a bald eagle nesting pair on Long Island would be big news. Like Nancy said, plenty on the Ct. River (especially upstream around Essex). They will pass through Long Island on migration, but they keep on going north.
Kelly 08/31/07 01:53 pm Okay ... can someone please help me out here?

I haven't been successful in finding a really good detailed map of the area(s) you're talking about, and I'm getting really frustrated! Thanks.
terryo 08/31/07 02:41 pm Kelly, I use google earth, it only takes a couple of minutes to download and it's fun to use. Click on Long Island and cursor over to Brookhaven (on the south shore of long island). The river is to the right of B'haven, it runs south towards the Great South Bay. The nest is located in the vicinity of the Squassux Landing marina. (the google satellite snapshot was taken a few winters ago, that's why the marina is pretty much vacant and all the grasses are brown etc., however, you can get an idea of the layout of the river/surrounding land mass etc.
Mickey 08/31/07 02:41 pm plus theres a platform up river in South haven Cty park.(not occupied)
And the platform just East of the Smiths Point bridge.(occupied)
I was out at the beach the other day and running East to West were huge schools of bait fish.
Presumably,under those are blues and under those are strippers. I did not see any Ospreys on this trip.
Kelly 08/31/07 03:29 pm Thanks, Terry. I didn't even think of Google Earth ... duh! But, lo and behold, my graphics card needs to upgraded in order to run the program. I'll have to do something about that.
terryo 08/31/07 03:33 pm Tks for the other 2 nest sites Mickey. When I put up the osprey nest this past March w/Group for the East End and Suffolk County Parks pers, I was asking one of the guys with the County if they were ever going to do a countywide nest count. He said it had been discussed but....(i.e. money, bureaucracy, what about nests loc on pvt. property yada yada yada). I know Group for the East End takes care of about 50 or so nests, they have their locations pinned on a map as I understand it. Suppose nest management isn't a real high priority in the grand scheme of things around here.
Pam 08/31/07 04:10 pm Terry (and anyone else who may be interested) did you know that Google runs a photo website where you can upload pictures of any particular location e.g. if you type in Brookhaven it comes up with 13 Brookhavens, choose NY and it comes up with a Google map and also photographs of the area. Not many for there just now and I thought you might like to add some of yours Terry. Someone has put in one of swans on the Carmans River and there are a couple more but nothing as good as yours. See this link:
terryo 08/31/07 04:36 pm Tks for head up Pam, I'll have to play with the site this weekend.
Kelly 08/31/07 04:59 pm Thanks, Pam ... that link helped a lot!

In fact, I invite anyone who wishes to search for "Halifax" in Canada or search for "Cape Breton Island" to get a taste of my little corner of the world. In both cases you will have to zoom out to get a more complete view. Plenty of photos.
Kelly 08/31/07 05:28 pm Is someone going to be "on the ground" this weekend monitoring our ospreys? There's been little action on or about the nest this afternoon. I suppose we need to prepare ourselves for "empty-nest syndrome!"
Tom I 08/31/07 05:51 pm There has been a juvenile bald eagle in the area of the nest the past ~3 winters - maybe it is now near sexual maturity and will find a mate and set up a nest in the area? One can wish!!
Pam 08/31/07 06:01 pm That's very interesting Tom because earlier in the year I reported that I heard one call as it flew somewhere near our nest. Some discussion followed and the consensus was that there were no eagles in the area and it may have been a hawk - but your message has made me think I was right after all. I felt pretty sure it was a Bald Eagle. There is certainly plenty of suitable food in the area, either fish or other birds - do you know of any reasons why they should not nest there ?
Pamela 08/31/07 06:05 pm If the bald eagle is in the area, would it be a problem for the young osprey chicks?
Kelly, I can't remember who posted photographs of the area, but if you look back in the message pages you might be able to find other photos of the nest.
Kelly 08/31/07 06:12 pm Oh I've been trying to play "catch up" and I'm coming across a lot of useful information.
Tim P 08/31/07 07:12 pm Bald Eagles have not been NESTING on Long Island since the 1930's. Juvenile eagles are often seen on eastern long island. I saw one last year as fall was approaching at the Calverton Grumman site. I take eagle sightings serious and would prefer to see a photograph, as I find some people cant tell an eagle from a Hawk.
Everyone wants to see an eagle on LI but are what they are seeing really eagles?
I run to any reported sighting that is close to me to try to confirm it.(mostly for my sake)
I find it weird that all these sightings get reported but yet no photos. Oliver Stone Im not.
The eagle I saw last year was feeding on a deer carcus (road Kill) That some people put on the old runway at the airfield at Grumman. Specifically to attract any stray eagles,also Turkey Vultures who are returning to LI slowly..
On LI is a sighting report page that is very informative. Good luck eagle spotting â¦.on LI.
Celeste 09/01/07 04:26 am Kelly, You might have missed the lovely video that Cathy from Seattle made of her visit this past May to our area. Cec, Mickey and myself spent a wonderful happy day with her. I love watching the video from time to time and reminisce. She took some lovely shots of Wertheim and the nest and Bayards Arboretum, with narration.
Kelly 09/01/07 06:59 am Thanks, Celeste, and thank you Cathy for this wonderful video journey!

Eventually I would have come across it as I'm slowing making my way through the Message Board, starting in January and working forward ... I at p. 121 (or about March 28th). There's so much information ... I must have at least 20 related websites bookmarked!!!
Melanie 09/01/07 09:11 am That's it - you're officially hooked! You can look forward to a lot of bleery-eyed nights (and days) trying to go through everything. We have a support group for this addiction, you know. It's called Featherheads Anonymous. There's only one step - admitting we have an osprey problem. No other steps are recognized because we are just not interested in recovery ;-p-
Kelly 09/01/07 10:01 am HOOKED? ... hook, line and sinker, my dear. I've not been able to get anything else done! Soon my friends will be wondering where the heck Kelly is? I'm sure the novelty will wear off ... yeah, right! I might need that number for "Featherheads Anonymous."
Carla 09/01/07 11:03 am Pam, I was wondering if some of the odd calls I was hearing from the Osprey were really eagles. That is why I was asking if they were in the area. We have both here in my area and sometimes I confuse them I think. Just really getting into learning about both even though I have been watching them for years. Like, Kelly, I spend way too much time trying to catch up on all that has been posted.
Pam 09/01/07 06:32 pm I can't answer that Carla because I don't know what you heard. I believe the Osprey calls and Bald Eagle calls are quite different. The Bald Eagle has a very loud, sometimes prolonged, sometimes even - for want of a better word - "twittering" sound. I have put one on my computer when it opens up instead of the Windows "chimes". The loud calls are very piercing and kind of hoarse sounding to my ear. There are various bird websites where you can listen to both...just Google bird sounds, setting your search to audio.
Carla 09/01/07 07:05 pm Thanks, Pam. I will try that. I have a CD program of bird calls but it is lost somewhere in my upstairs. I have only caught the eagle calls a few times and the nest cams I have watched did not have sound. Again, I am just getting into learning things now that I am retired and SHOULD have a little more time.

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