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Thread subject: My Head is Spinning!!!
Name Date Message
Kelly 09/01/07 09:04 am As you know, Iâve been reviewing the Message Board for this year, and your entries from around March 28th-29th have made my head spin!!!

Two couples claiming the nest, a male and 2 females -- possibly Betty06 and a sibling or sister, or other such scenarios! Iâm sure as I continue to play âcatch up,â it will all be worked out ⦠to some collective consensus.

But such drama!!! ⦠at the nest; not by you, most knowledgeable and esteemed birders! But you have made me LOL at times :)

Is this what Iâm in for next season? ⦠the possible return to natal territory by the â06 brood: Flag, Star and Stripe (see, Iâve been doing my homework!).

I need to take a break!!!
Melanie 09/01/07 09:19 am We love to speculate that one (or more) of the previous years' chicks have come back, and it certainly is possible. But truth is all birds, not just osprey, have a fairly high mortality rate the first year.Estimates are anywhere from 60-85% depending on who's doing the research. A good indicator is to keep an eye on Rob Bierregard's site who has been working with ospreys primarily on Martha's Vineyard using sattelite telemetry. The survival rates he is showing is probably right on target for ospreys.
martyc35 09/01/07 12:10 pm This was a helluva spring for Betty and Dennis. There were times when some of us were sure they would be or even had been driven from the nest, but no, and then we thought the eggs couldn't possibly make it, but with the exception of the first laid, they did. I was convinced when Uno hatched that he/she was from Mars, but wiser folks thought he/she looked pretty normal. I think if they hatch out but can't survive because of deformities or whatever, that is pretty clear right away, and they just don't survive. I often wonder if some of the 60-85% who perish in the first year or two might have some indetectable genetic misfiring that leads to their deaths. Rob noted that with Erica, who took off over open water and didn't make it, that we could chalk up one more for Darwin, for there would be no progeny to try what she tried. Survival of the fittest is damned final, eh? I remember reading about one father osprey who was severely delayed in departure because of a chick who needed to be fed for way longer than normal. Who could say whether that was wasted extra attention on a youngster who was already doomed? We get snippets of their behavior, but we don't know what it means, let alone what it may portend. But, yes, Kelly, this was a brooding season filled with drama!
Mickey 09/01/07 05:42 pm I'd save reading the msg board for your winter lol

And I think this might be the perfect time for me to say that when your reading our observations board,please notice how almost everyone only post what they see and hear without speculations,questions and generalizations :)))

We keep that for here.

You`ll understand why the ob board is only for what you see and hear when you read it in its entirety. It becomes laborious reading when you have to wade through questions,guesses,speculations and generalizations.

I understand your excitement.Alot of us were there when we started :) Please dont misinterpret what I'm saying as anything but trying to be helpful. You obviously are hooked and we need as many observers as possible. :))
Kelly 09/02/07 07:11 am Thanks, Mickey, for the advice ... I'm slowly getting a handle on how things work. Don't ever hesitate to "straigthen me out!" :)

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