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Thread subject: Without DPOF. . .
Name Date Message
Melanie 10/09/07 01:17 pm Who would have thought where a random email from Hugh McGuiness at the Ross School on Long Island would take me? A simple off-handed mention of DPOF in 2004 has taken me down paths that I never would have thought of.

Who could know how many new friends it would lead to; some email, some face to face, and some very dear. I ask you ΓΆ€“ how many friends would you drop everything for on a days notice, get up at 4:30 to meet, drive 2-3 hours to meet more friends on a mountain top? (the answer is 4). Or how many friends would drive up to 200 miles to meet up and go osprey banding? (The answer to that one is literally a whole boatload).

Who could know the amount of knowledge that we would garner and share from all over the world and where it would lead? Who could know that knowledge would lead me ΓΆ€“ whose only "writing" experience was high school and college Comp & Lit - to write about the aforementioned osprey banding trip, that it would not only get published but would actually win an award from the Regional Magazine Association whose members total 40 magazines from all over the US. OK ΓΆ€“ it was only an honorable mention but it was the only award this year for my magazine. I'll take it ΓΆ€“ I'll take it!!!

None of this could have happened without everyone's obsession for ospreys and for feeding each other's passion.

Thank you from the bottom of my little featherhead heart.
Celeste 10/09/07 01:20 pm I have always maintained that this site has enriched my life in so many wonderful ways. Yes!-- banding, a mountain-top meeting, gatherings at the nest, and best of all new friends that have become so very dear to me, met face to face, e-mail to e-mail here in the States, Canada, and across the "pond".

Congratulations Melanie! A well deserved honor!
Pamela 10/09/07 05:18 pm Receiving an honor for something you enjoy doing has got to be like sampling the best life has to offer. Congratulations, Melanie!

This site enriches, sustains, and connects all due to the love of an osprey couple. What a concept.
june 10/09/07 05:42 pm Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you would get an award. Certainly your postings have always been informative and interesting. As Pam says, to get recognized for something that is enjoyablle is like icing on the cake. Kudus to you.
cathy 10/09/07 06:18 pm Yay! Keep writing about ospreys and wildlife! Keep contributing to DPOF!
Marie 10/09/07 08:40 pm Hey Melanie.......that is great! Congratulations. ;-)

Yes indeed, how many of us would have travelled so far to come face to face with special PEOPLE if we didn't share a common interest...hooray for that noble bird , the OSPREY. I can only speak from experience ...DPOF has truly touched my life with joy, sorrow and much learning. This web site has brought new friends into my daily existence. Without them I wouldn't have seen and experienced all the wonderful things that I have, during the past four years.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement when life has been a little hectic. ;-)
terryo 10/09/07 08:43 pm Congrats on your award Melanie, richly deserved. How about "Ospreys - Forbidden Love" for your 1st book title. Thanks for the mags and the cd's, you're the best.
Tim P 10/09/07 09:35 pm Good for you Melanie. Congratulations,, and well deserved.

Madeline 10/10/07 01:00 am Well Deserved Melanie!, ( clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-)As the crowd chants, MEL-A-NEE, MEL-A-NEE!!!

DPOF has made a chang in my life and for the good of it.How nice is it to share bits of info, sights you've seen, places you visit, and all because of the OSPREY ;-) Thank You DPOFfor bringing xich joy into our homes and friends'homes..

Off to bed for me. Got a fate with my alarm colck for 4:30am..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Shelley 10/10/07 06:31 am So well said! Congratulations, and your award is very well-deserved!

I echo everything you said about how a chance encounter with a random little *link* has opened up a whole new world of adventure, on so many levels. I can moan and bitch with the best of them about technology and computer woes, but where would I be without this contraption?! It has taken me to new countries, taught me to understand a new language (osprey), and invited me into new homes (very high, very big nests).

Not everyone can say THAT!

Carla 10/10/07 09:45 am Congrats Melanie! What magazine is your artical in and can I find it in our area? I have not met any of our fellow Osprey watchers in person but do feel connected through the web site. Been watching the local Osprey and eagles for years but these sites, especially DPOF, have taught me more and made me much more aware and attached to them. Thanks to everybody.
Carla 10/10/07 09:48 am Sorry for having to post a second note. I was just telling my sister last night about how watching these sites helps relieve a lot of the stress I have from being the sole caregiver for my 95 year old mother. Could sit and watch them all day.
Pam 10/10/07 01:03 pm Congratulations Melanie. Maybe we will get to see your honorable mention-winning article some day...somehow... I hope so because I would love to read it.
Melanie 10/10/07 02:07 pm I have a low-res pdf of it that is 300K. It will easily go through email. If anyone hasn't seen it and would like it, drop me a note at my private email address if you have it or if you don't
Pam 10/10/07 04:55 pm Received with thanks Melanie - brilliant !!
lynn 10/11/07 12:29 am Congrats on your award Melanie! With all your great writing and reports here on DPOF, it was really only at matter of time till you were published!!

In the short time I've been here on DPOF, (14-15 mos.) I feel I've made many friends, learned so much, that I know I wouldn't have anywhere else.

So when do we hear about a first draft of your book on Ospreys and the people who love them!?!? :-))

Carla 10/11/07 11:08 am Great article Melanie. Thanks. Enjoyed the pictures with it also. Anyone that hasn't requeted her to send them a copy, should. Sorry, Melanie, had to tell them that.
Mickey 10/11/07 08:06 pm we knew you when...........
congrats Mel *hugs*
karen 10/12/07 12:39 pm Congratulations Mel .... it is wonderful to be able to do what you enjoy and do it well and get recognized for it .

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