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Thread subject: Mendes calf ranch
Name Date Message
cheryl 10/10/07 06:45 pm Today, a friend sent me a petition via email, to sign. I read what it was about and couldn't believe it so I looked up the issue.--dairy calf abuse. This is not a new case, but it is news to me. Unfortunately, it is on the level. Turned my stomach. What kind of "people" and I use the term loosely, can treat gentle, innocent animals this way? I guess this is the week to take action to protect those being severely abused. Here is a link to the article on the Animal League Defense Fund site. There is a link to a video on the site but it is very disturbing to watch.

Here is a link to an article with more specifics. You need to scroll down. The article is below the picture of the calf.
lynn 10/10/07 11:59 pm Hi Cheryl, Just read your message, and went right to the site. I also signed the petition immediately!

Thanks for the heads up on this issue, I'd not heard of it before, although I usually hear from quite a number of sites.

Melanie 10/11/07 09:40 am As well-intentioned as everyone is, did anyone notice that the date on this is from over a year ago? while signing a petition makes people feel good about themselves, in a legal case they have no effect.

I also can't find update on this case on the ALDF website? I would think that in case of animal cruelty charges, this would have been handled with some expediency and I also think that had ALDF won the case they would have had some udpate?

I'm suspecting this has already been resolved but when you google it, it seems to be taking on a life of it's own.
cheryl 10/11/07 09:05 pm Melanie,
Yes, when I looked into the issue I did notice the date. I also found a link on the ALDF site dated 10/2/07 which says that the case is still in the courts under appeal. Here it is:

On the link below,you can scroll down to the July 5, 2006 entry where there is a legal description of the issues involved.

I have sent a couple of emails to find out more on the case status and hope to get a reply soon in non-legalese terms. If you, or anyone else, has any luck finding more information, please post it. I'd really like to know the outcome, as well as what happened previously.
Lastly, the petition I was asked to sign was to put pressure on the dairy manufacturers to put pressure in turn on their milk suppliers to not use the Mendes Ranch. As I see it, the petition was just another method to call attention to the issue through the pocketbooks of the dairy manufacturers. Meaning unhappy buyers. It was not meant to influence the legal case. I for one, will not buy dairy products from the company using the Mendes Ranch until I find out how the lawsuit is/or was resolved.
lynn 10/12/07 12:10 am Cheryl, I just went into the site again, and saw the recent, Oct. 2, 2007 date and then went to the petition site. I also looked around to see if there was anything else regarding the Oct. 2, 2007 Press Release.

If anyone finds any other info on the issue, please let me know also, and I will do likewise. I saw signing the petition as a way to let manufacturers know the methods the dairy farm uses will affect my purchasing decisions regarding their products.

Tim P 10/12/07 09:14 am I have always loved cows. A few years ago I purchased a cow at 5 months old from a petting zoo who was going to send her to an auction.
What a loving animal she is. She follows me around the yard like a dog. At times she gets excited and starts to hop a frolic like a puppy.
At 5 years old & 1500 hundred pounds Cassidy still likes to play. People who come to visit are always surprised how cute and playfull she is.
You need to be carful when she is playing and running as she could really do some damage.She sometimes forgets how big she is.
I have seen similar videos at the PETA website,its very sad to see how these animals are treated.
Celeste 10/12/07 10:27 am Yes few people realize how personable a cow can be. My husband who has always loved cows because of his visits to Canada since he was a boy, (they knew a Canadian farmer there), introduced me to these personable animals. I am always "amazed that I am amazed" that people can sleep at night after doing what they do to animals.
cheryl 10/12/07 04:35 pm I received an email back from the Animal League Defense Fund.
First, I am happy to have received such a speedy reply. It did answer one of my questions. I know now that the appeal is still pending. My question about the first case and the court's decision in that case is still not clear to me. I'm still looking in to that. I am sure though that any news in the case will be posted on the ALDF website which I will put on my list of bookmarked sites and be sure to check to see if there are any developments. Here is the email:

"Thanks for your message. The case is still in the appeals process, which can
go on for many months. If ALDF wins our appeal (as we are confident we
will), the court will at last hear the facts in our lawsuit against Mendes
Calf Ranch, which we are suing for violating California state anti-cruelty

Stay tuned to, for updates on the case, and please sign on to
our letter at if you have not already.


Lisa Franzetta
Director of Communications
Animal Legal Defense Fund "

I can identify with you, Tim and Celeste, and your love of cows. My family spent summer vacations on a working farm in NY which had 40 head of dairy cows. I'll never forget peeking into the barn during milking time and getting squirted in the face with warm milk. There were fields planted with different crops as far as I could see. Since I was young at the time, maybe it really wasn't hundreds of acres, but it did make a tremendous impression and I loved the tractor rides into the fields. It was a wonderful place. I took a ride down memory lane and looked up the farm, but they don't have a website. When I lived upstate in New York, I took my kids to the Canadian National Exhibition and also the New York State Fair in Syracuse. Highlights of both were the agricultural exhibits to see all the animals. And we were very lucky one year to see a brand new, just hours-old calf.
And I think that it is a good thing to be "amazed that you are amazed" at not understanding some people's mistreatment of animals. If you understood how they could do what they do and still sleep at night, then you probably wouldn't be interested in a site like DFOP which we all know puts forth very different ideals and values.

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Tom Throwe
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