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Thread subject: Some birds are weird...
Name Date Message
martyc35 10/11/07 05:07 pm Hi, everyone. Still trying to sell my house, now my truck, too, and hoping I don't have to stay here all winter. I miss DPOF, but nice to see so many still online here. An amusing bird video here sent to me by my bird rescuer daughter (the one in CA, not the one in MD).
Carla 10/11/07 05:27 pm That was cute. He dances better and has more rhythm then a lot of people I know. I always like the animal videos best if I watch AFV. This could certainly win some money.
Pam 10/11/07 06:02 pm Oh that is so funny Marty - what a talented bird - thanks for the laugh :))))
Shelley 10/11/07 06:03 pm It was funny but surely, there was a bit of photoshopping in that, no?

Shelley, whose middle name (used to be, but hopefully still isn't) gullible.....
lynn 10/11/07 11:20 pm Loved the video Marty! :-) On my Americas' Funniest Animals videos, they have a number of very talented birds, with Cockatoos being the most prevalent.

Shelley, don't feel bad about your middle name maybe still being gullible, mine still is, on occasion! I like to think of it as still having a bit of the child within me.

Carla, I don't know if you've seen the Funniest Animal videos, but if not they're worth a look. Last Christmas a set of 4 DVDs' of the funny animals was ubder my tree! :-))

Sorry to hear you haven't had more luck with the house so far Marty. Please pop in whenever you can and keep us up to speed.

Tim P 10/12/07 08:46 am Very Funny. I have a cockatoo who dances to Grateful Dead tunes. It seems that the screaming goes along with dancing.If you have never been in front of one of these birds you couldn't imagine how loud they are.When Malibu (my cocatoo) begins to scream Merlin, my Blue & Gold Macaw joins in.Together the two could drive you out of the room. The volume is incredible. The 2 birds are very fun to be around as they are always entertaining.Shelley you can believe what you see here.In regard to being weird, I think most Parrots can be considered being weird.
Melanie 10/12/07 09:54 am One of the gals I work with has a cockatoo that occasionally comes to work ΓΆ€“ She, too, dances in time with music and loves to scream. It's most likely real.
Nancy L 10/12/07 09:58 am CUTE
Pamela 10/12/07 10:02 am Sure looks like the Papelbon dance to me.
Celeste 10/12/07 10:22 am I loved this video. While in Ontario this past August, one of the guests who travelled to the Inn by boat came with his cockatoo. This bird also danced, spoke and was calling out hello and how are you to anyone who approached him.
june 10/12/07 08:16 pm Did anyone catch the bird in the background to the left? He was also bopping to the tune.
Shelley 10/12/07 09:49 pm I don't know, Tim. Call me a cynic, but those leg lifts look a bit too synchronized and choreographed..... ;-)

I guess this is just one of those things I'd have to see in person. ;-)
Madeline 10/13/07 12:06 am I just love it! Wow, can that cockatoo compete with the Rocketts. Animal Planets Pet Star has had some talanted birds, but cockatoos seem to be the ones that groove to the beat most often, whereas parrots are the singers and talkers.

Tim, do your birds have a room all to themselves, or do they share the livingroom with you? I've heard they don't like to be ignored and require lots of attention.
Tim P 10/14/07 09:22 am
The birds are in my office at work Madeline. I have crazy hours that keep me there late each day.
The parrots are active all day. When the sun goes down they calm down and get quiet.
Cockatoos are very social, in the wild they live in large groups and are always busy.
Lack of stimulation can cause them to get frustrated which may lead to feather picking.
Parrots are a lot of work and can be messy. It would be a good idea to let them have their own area where they can act out and not worry about destroying things. My birds spend time outside out of cages as much as I can provide.


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