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Thread subject: Saving the Wolves and Bears!
Name Date Message
Bailee 10/11/07 06:13 pm Hey, whoaaa it's been like, 10,000 years that I've been here!! Ok, so I went with my grandma and aunt and mom and brother and friend Nicole(phew!) to a Wolf Expo at...a hotel. Haha I can't remember where it was!! Ok and I hope that the stupid govorner does something about the wolves, and just recently, bears. Come on, why would anyone want to kill them! And if it's just for the fur, then they should just get fake fur and paint it wolf colors...INSTANT WOLF FUR!
FOB Webmaster 10/11/07 07:06 pm Actually it's more for the hunting and ranching industries -- not the fur industry. Out West, elk hunting is big business. So the gov'ts of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana have been pushing to allow hunting of the wolf populations, which sometimes prey on the elk, although not nearly as much as the Westerners often claim.

Since the former governor of Idaho now heads the Dept. of Interior, he's pushing to have the wolf removed from the endangered list out West, and they plan to slaughter a large number of the wolves, leaving only a population big enough to keep them off the endangered list.

Ranchers often back this proposal because sometimes wolves take livestock.

In Alaska, the controversy surrounds aerial hunting of wolves, which groups like Defenders of Wildlife is trying to stop.

In fact, Defenders has even tried to protect wolves by paying ranchers whenever they lose any livestock to a wolf. But still many out West want to hunt wolves like they hunt deer and elk.

lynn 10/11/07 11:04 pm Who says young people don't listen to adults?! In case anyone does't remember who Bailee is from last year she's my just turned 14 yr. old today, granddaughter!

When I called her to wish her a happy birthday, she told me she had given a talk at her school about wolves. She told me how really nervous she was, but was okay once she got started. She even wrote up a petition and got signatures from her classmates! She did this all on her own after having seen the wolves at the wolf expo., last month, and hearing about the aerial shooting that might take place if Alaskas' governor has her way.

To say I'm one proud grandmother is put it mildly!! :-)) Bailee and her friends are all outraged at the callous treatment wild of animals, and who knows one day.....

BTW, sorry I never got to meet up with anyone who was able to get to the wolf expo. My daughter Tracy, and granddaughter Bailee met a couple of folks. The red hair was a dead give away huh?! My older daughter Terri and I found Tracy, who said she'd met you folks. Well, maybe at another bird or animal function.

FOB Webmaster 10/12/07 07:17 am How wonderful that she did that!

I was just listening to a hearing where the head of the US Fish and Wildlife Service said that we have to get kids interested in the outdoors or the next generation of adults won't have any conservationists to stand up for wildlife.

It would be great if more kids followed in her example.

Tim P 10/12/07 08:57 am I met your daughter Tracy at the show Lynn. I approached 2 redheads and inquired, Bullseye.
Sorry I didnt get to met you. The wolf owners invited me to their house to photograph the wolves but I haven't had time to fit them into my schedule.I hope to get there soon.
Celeste 10/12/07 10:24 am I also believe that young people are the only hope we have about caring about our Natural World. Good for you Lynn that your granddaughter listens and learns! Bailee we're counting on you and your friends!
Marie 10/12/07 03:08 pm Wonderful have a granddaughter to be proud of.
Way to go Bailee !
Madeline 10/12/07 05:19 pm Hi Bailee, So nice to hear from you again. Your grandmother is so proud of you being so involved in the preservation of our wildlife, especially the wolves. We need more young people like you to help lead the way protecting the future of our wildlife. WTG Bailee!!!
Shelley 10/12/07 09:41 pm Congratulations to all of you! Great work, Bailee! It's so very true that you and your generation are the hope of the future. Now, more than ever because I sometimes get the sense that time is running out for many species.

Lynn, you have a lot to be proud of here!

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