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Thread subject: Totally off topic !!
Name Date Message
Pam 10/14/07 05:35 pm I am quietly going mad here. Does anyone else do Freecell? I started at game #1 and am now up to #11982 - yes it is very sad but I have been doing it for years - but I have now become stuck on this wretched number 11982 for ages and cannot get it to work out. Oh well, back I go for another try or three....
Carla 10/14/07 06:55 pm I have been playing it for years also. Will see if I can help but there have been a few I have not gotten.
Carla 10/14/07 07:03 pm Okay. May be one of the ones I mentioned. Have restarted it several times, must now go eat my dinner, but will get back to you.
Pam 10/14/07 07:06 pm Good Luck Carla - I'm off to bed. If I ever get to the stage where it will come out with the next move I will take a screen capture !!
Anne UK1 10/15/07 02:49 am I've never heard of Freecell so naturally had to look it up ;)
On the home page I notice it says "Almost all FreeCell positions can be won. The most notable exception is the game #11982 in Microsoft FreeCell and Pretty Good Solitaire."
Does that help (or not of course)?
Question now is do I download it or will I find myself wasting even more hours on the computer ...
Tiger 10/15/07 03:43 am Anne Freecell is part of Windows. Just look under games in the menu.

Yes that info is great. Saves a lot of trouble.

Our family is highly competitive about these things. Many years ago I heard that a family member had a streak of 58 at Freecell. I spent the whole holiday period trying to break it. I got to fifty twice but broke down. I finally managed a streak of 68. I have never got close again.

Problem with a streak it that each game gets more and more tense.

Refs to game 11982. See Link 1

And how you can win $25 is you can! See Link 2
Pam 10/15/07 05:07 am Well, thanks so much for that info. Anne and Tiger. I have had a brief look at the links this morning and will study later but I will waste no more time on that particular game...I'm obviously not as thick as I thought I was :)) I usually do about ten games at a go and then check my percentage but my aim is just to keep plowing on doing consecutive games - that way I figure you are working towards some sort of target. I will check those other difficult game numbers out because I have been listing them and marking the b.......ds. Tiger did you ever solve game 617? I have that marked as a b.......d and it took me over two weeks to do it. Lots of fun......guaranteed to give you arthritis in your forefinger.
Tiger 10/15/07 05:25 am No I still have not got 617 done. Will try again soon.
Shelley 10/15/07 06:52 am I downloaded the Pretty Good SOlitaire, when there was a free version. I rarely do the freecell game but am addicted to Spider solitaire, Indian Patience and Forty Thieves. Pyramid and Sea Towers are close.

Have you ever tried *Bricks* (also known as Tetris). Or, if you are really a sucker for punishment, what about SET (I have a link to that but I have to go look for it)
Carla 10/15/07 08:50 am Yes, Tiger and Anne, I will spend no more time seeing if I can work it either. I usually only restart a game four or five times before I just move on to the next. Love playing Freecell but don't care if I can't get one finished. Shelley, I am alos addicted to Spider solitaire and a few of the others. I don't usually play during in day but use them all before I go to bed to settle myself down after getting my 95 year old mother into bed. I will admit, sometimes, I wind up actually getting into bed later then I want.
Anne UK1 10/15/07 05:29 pm Oh dear. I've spent rather a lot of hours playing the free online version of this game today :o I'm not finding it easy but I think it might help if I read the rules to find out why sometimes I can move cards and other times they stubbornly refuse to budge at all. I'm guessing it's something to do with having put them out of the way for a while. I have managed to 'win' a few times, but mostly I reach stalemate.
It's highly addictive - I knew I shouldn't have looked! lol I think finding the proper games with a 'win and move on to the next one' would be a very bad idea - at least until I've got my house and garden in order anyway. Question is, can I resist temptation ...
Anne UK1 10/18/07 05:31 pm Well thank you folks for leading me astray. I dabbled with the windows version which I had no idea was on my pc and I'm well and truly hooked. I'm trying to be disciplined and get some work done as well, but I can see this will keep me amused for many hours through the winter. And I now understand the rules :)
Tiger 10/18/07 07:36 pm Now all you got to do isbuild up winning streaks. Guess that ten would be a good first target.
DaisyG 10/19/07 10:11 am LOL, I weaned myself off lots of things that clamed much of my free time, Freecell being one of them, only to get hooked on lots more in their place! :)
Anne UK1 10/19/07 05:10 pm Winning streaks Tiger - is that winning without restarting any games? If so, one would be a pretty good first target for me. So far I'm not finding them too difficult so long as I can keep re-starting, but I'm only up to 58 at the minute. I suspect they'll get more tricky as I go along.

Way too addictive Daisy - I think I'm wasting even more time now than I was before! And they're starting to invade my dreams, so it may be time to limit myself to just a couple a day ...

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