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Thread subject: On the other hand (coast)
Name Date Message
Trishrg 10/22/07 09:39 am We seem to be attempting to burn ourselves to the ground.
Prayers go out to any of our members out here in So Cal affected by the fires. There are 13 burning at last news update. And they have put out 3 smaller ones so far.
I'm at work about 6 miles away from the one in Orange County, Irvine area. Smoke looks freaky this early in the morning. 6:30 ish my time.
Pam 10/22/07 12:45 pm This has been on our news in UK too. Stay safe Trish. Let's hope the fires are under control soon.
Trishrg 10/22/07 01:21 pm It's getting worse by the minute.
Friends of mine have been evacuated down in San Diego County.
I'm safe, but I work about 6 miles from the fire in Orange County, and the smoke is choking, and pretty spooky looking too.
Melanie 10/22/07 02:08 pm I lived in Santa Monica during the Brentwood fires back in 1961. We didn't spend much time out on the playground much during that one - and if you did spend time outside, you came in smelling like a woodfire. I can remember vividly remember seeing that burning ridgeline glowing red at night and having ash flying around during the day. Pretty scary to an 8 year old.

Stay safe
Carla 10/22/07 04:10 pm I spent two weeks with my cousin in El Cajon in the spring of 1973 when they were having some big fires. Scared me to death. Scares me now seeing it on the news. Prayers for everyone in that area (including the wildlife).
Shelley 10/22/07 07:41 pm Adding my vibes for rain and an end to the fires soon. It looks extremely scary on the news.

I asked on another forum I go to what, if any, plans there are for evacuating animals from the zoos and wildlife park. They said that they really don't know, but they'd try to save those considered *endangered*. I can't imagine how they could do it at all, especially the larger animals. Animals know, too, long before we do, that there is danger. They'd be spooked and stressed. At least humans can get themselves away, if possible. Not so, those animals.

Madeline 10/23/07 01:02 am I heard the news tonight and things are really bad there. So many homes destroyed, hopefully not too many lives lost, human or animal. I heard them talking about the Santa Anna Winds and how it usually lasts only a day or two, but not so this time. Also they were saying that this is the peak time of year for wild fires, maybe I heard wrong and that would be for the good. My prayers go out to all and anyone who will suffer loss in this catastrophy.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the US, Georgia is experiencing a drought. While we were passing some of the lakes on our way to Atlanta, I mentioned to my husband how low the water lines were, not knowing at the time that there was a drought. Hopefully the dry spell won't last too much longer and they get some rain, and not the pittley little amount they got Thursday.
Celeste 10/23/07 06:00 am Scary news to say the least. Watching it on TV is one thing, but for the people evacuated, living nearby, smelling it, it must be beyond words of fear for them. Good thoughts for all.
Nancy L 10/23/07 09:52 am I called my son in 'Canyon Country' last night. One fire is 'across the 'freeway' from him, but so far he feels safe. Today is the second day that the schools are closed there. His father-in-law can see Magic Mountain from his bedroom window. He does worry about blowing embers.
What's interesting is that all the newer developments now have sprinkler systems, which would be a great deterrent to the fires, but the fire departments don't want people to use the sprinklers & their hoses, because it takes the pressure away from the fire department.

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