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Thread subject: Safe in Sonoma County...
Name Date Message
martyc35 10/26/07 03:15 pm Hi, everyone, just checking in to be sure you don't think I'm in fire country. Isn't it Trish who is in Long Beach, and Vicki down there somewhere, too? I hope everyone is safe and out of danger. My grandaughter's dad lost his rental cottage near Escondido, but he is thankfully safe and with friends in LA.

I'm still trying to sell my house, getting a bit worried, but my problems are nothing compared to those who lost everything.
Hope you are all well.
Celeste 10/26/07 07:06 pm Glad to hear you are fine Marty. Been thinking of our California friends....
Vicki in S. CA. 10/26/07 08:29 pm Thanks for the thoughts Marty. I am in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles county. No fire near us but lots of smoke and ash. In fact the air is so bad my husband, who has chronic lung disease, ended up in the hospital last night. Brought him home today. The large particles in the air are a problem for many and the air is much worse closer to the fires. The fog came in last night which helped; the moisture dropped some of the particles out. The situation is still very bad in some areas, still fires burning, houses and people in danger.
lynn 10/27/07 12:03 am Glad to hear that both you Marty, and Vicki are doing okay out ther in CA. Sorry to hear you haven't had any luck selling the house Marty. You must be getting anxious by now.

Vicki, hope your husband is doing okay now. I guess it's best to stay indoors, with some sort of filtration of the outside air.

Madeline 10/27/07 03:16 am So happy to hear all is going well with you Marty, I had just asked around if anyone knew where you lived and your saftey.Who knows, maybe some of the people who are fire victoms will look into your house.

Vickie, good to hear from you also, but I am sorry to hear that your husband has a chronic lung disease and that the smke and ash has caused him to check into the hospital. Hope he finds relief fro this smokey,ashey air. Please stay healthy ;-)
Tiger 10/27/07 07:36 am Glad that Marty and Vicki are ok. I hope Trish is too.
Nancy L 10/27/07 10:09 am I'll be giving my son another call tonight. He's just n/w of L.A. with a couple of fires nearby. His father-in-law could see the Magic Mountain fire from his bedroom window, but I haven't heard if it's out. I know the smoke/air is really bad now.
Trishrg 10/27/07 10:35 am Hey Marty.
I've been wondering where you've been. The housing market is just tanked right now. Prayers that you get your house sold though. Glad to know you are doing okay, and so sorry for the loss of your granddaughter's dad's cottage. At least he is safe.
My friend's mom lives in Escondido,right on the other side of Lake Hodges from Del Dios, which burned badly. She's back home now, and safe. Fortunately, I don't know anyone directly affected, other than 3 families who had to evacuate, but no losses. One friend lost her home in the 03 fire, and just rebuilt, then got evacuated again. She's still fighting with the insurance co. over THAT loss. It would have been crazy if she burned again.
I had planned on going to Oceanside for the weekend, but until the air cleans up, I'm staying put.
I'm in Anaheim, and I work in Tustin, about 5 miles from the Santiago fire, and the smoke has not done well with me either.
Vicki, so sorry your husband is suffering through this. I hope he rebounds quickly. Prayers for you two, too.
I'm doing okay, and plan to spend the day doing clean up in the yard from the wind storms. I have a big mess to tackle, but it will keep me out of trouble. At least I have a small yard!
The local Santiago fire is still raging, but I don't smell smoke today. There are still a half dozen fires burning in 4 or 5 counties. I'm sure everyone is hearing all about it nonstop in the news though.

Good to hear from you Marty.
Pam 10/27/07 12:43 pm A very frightening time for all concerned. Arnold seems to think it is all under control now. I sincerely hope that he is right and that you will all stay safe. Thank you for letting us know what the real situation is with you and yours.
Vicki in S. CA. 10/27/07 03:07 pm Things are better but there are still quite a few fires and they are minimally contained. At the beach where we live the air is much better as the on shore air flow has taken over; it is just foggy now.

Thanks for the good thoughts for my hubby, he is doing OK but still feeling pretty weak and tired.

There is already much ado about blame - who started the fires, who did or did not respond quickly enough. Plenty for the politicians to dwell on but not much use for those who lost their homes and belongings. Of interest, the LA Times said today the 25% of the fire fighters utilized were/are prisoners. They are paid $1 an hour for that work.
DaisyG 10/28/07 02:34 pm So pleased to hear you are all safe and thanks for the update.

Sorry to hear about your husband's breathing problems Vicki but glad he is home again now.

Marty, fingers crossed for your house sale, I have been thinking about you and wondering how things are going. Here's hoping things pick up for you soon.

Trish, glad you're ok but sounds like you have your work cut out with the storm damage.
Marie 10/29/07 12:04 am The TV footage of those terrible fires in California are certainly a wake up call. Even more so when they are suggesting they are arson, and not caused by natural conditions. How can people be so dumb. So many homes lost in these infernos. How awful for these people
Glad to hear our California friends are safe. I can't imagine what the air quality must be with all that smoke.
Take care all you folk south of the border.
Anne 10/30/07 05:59 pm Marty, Trish, Vicki - I was thinking about you all last week and I am pleased to see that you all escaped apart from Vicki's husband and his breathing problems. I hope he is recovered now. It must have been an absolutely terrible and frightening experience, the pictures on our TV made it look like hell on earth. I just hope and pray that you get some rain.
Vicki in S. CA. 10/31/07 04:08 pm Rain? Is that the wet stuff that falls from the sky? We had 3 inches all last year. On my recent trip to Vancouver, BC, I didn't like my sightseeing disturbed by that stuff but I must say I enjoyed it in all other ways - it had been so long since I had seen any. We are still putting fires out but things are much improved at this end of the world.
lynn 10/31/07 11:49 pm Hi Vicki, glad to hear the situation out there is somewhat improved. We've had a bit of rain here and there on Long Island, but not near as much as we usually do.

Keep well Vicki, and hope your husband is much improved!


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