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Thread subject: San Diego Panda Off to Wolong
Name Date Message
cheryl 10/27/07 06:25 pm

Either it was the dreary weather that contributed, or it brought up feelings that I had when I lost my dog 4 years ago, --whatever---I found this zoo log entry so moving that I was teary-eyed when I read it. The way I reacted, you'd think I was his keeper. I know that Mei Sheng has to return to China, and he has really good genes which are needed, but I know how sad the panda staff in San Diego must be feeling. I am dreading the time when Tai Shan will have to go back.
FOB Webmaster 10/27/07 09:15 pm That was good. I hope he has a safe and uneventful trip when he leaves.

I don't know how I'll handle not being able to see Tai Shan every day when he goes. I sure hope the National Zoo has another cub by then, which would make it easier.

I keep telling myself that if the cubs don't go to China, they'll never get a mate, and it would be awful for them to be alone the rest of their lives. So off to China they must go.
lynn 10/28/07 01:24 am Lisa, wasn't this cub due to stay another year, or am I thinking of a different cub?!

Celeste 10/28/07 05:40 am That was a moving entry...The keepers of these beautiful bears are special indeed. They have done everything perfectly in raising these special animals, and are sending them off back to their homeland well taken care of. I really feel for them and how hard it will be to let him go. Right now I am in denial about Tai going back one day. It has been so much fun watching him from the beginning. There were days we talked about Tai on this message board more than we did the ospreys:-)
FOB Webmaster 10/28/07 08:01 am Lynn, I think Mei Sheng is on schedule with his departure.

It seems that the way it works is China says the cubs can stay for two years, but then they almost always give a two-year extension. Then the cub has to go around four years of age because it's getting close to breeding age, and they want it acclimated to China before its ready to breed.

Mei is four this year.

Pamela 10/28/07 09:16 am What a poignant story you've posted Cheryl.
I've got to look upon it as a migration in view, or I'd wilt. Also tell myself that certainly his keeper and the zoo will be advised as to his well being once he is settled in his homeland and that the precautions the zoo has taken are so well planned. Separation is always so difficult for us.

Madeline 10/29/07 03:31 am Awwwwwe!!! How sad to be saying goodbye to Mei Sheng, But this is a neccessity for new gean pools in which the need for healthy off spring. Boo-whooo you will be misses, Enjoy you flight, and all the new girlfriends you';llget to know and even get Lucky with :-)))

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