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Thread subject: President Bush Announces National Strategy for Migratory Bird Conservation
Name Date Message
Kelly 10/28/07 10:35 am HERE

just in case my attempt at creating the live link failed.
Trishrg 10/28/07 06:54 pm Wow.
This is wonderful news to hear.
Thanks for posting this Kelly.
lynn 10/29/07 01:00 am Kelly thanks for posting this great piece of news!

Melanie 10/29/07 09:30 am He can announce all he wants - here's the other side of the coin.
Nancy L 10/29/07 09:52 am Thanks for that site, Melanie. It's a sad situation. When my husband & I vacation, we visit any refuges in the areas we travel through. It's a great way to get off the beaten path!
Kelly 10/29/07 11:20 am Thanks, Melanie, for confirming "it sounded too good to be true!" Can't say I'm surprised.
Melanie 10/29/07 12:00 pm You know the old adage - Actions speak louder than words.
FOB Webmaster 10/29/07 12:42 pm What a lovely blog you just linked to, Melanie. ;-)

That would happen to be my new blog. Thank you again for the plug, Melanie.

For the record, my new blog is separate from the refuge work I do. This new project is a personal one, since there are a lot of Refuge System issues that don't get covered thoroughly by traditional media. My little way of giving the Refuge System an added voice.
lynn 10/29/07 10:56 pm Melanie I can't say I'm surprised about the other side. When I first heard of him doing something good for the environment, my first thought was, is it for real or is he trying to make brownie points with the public. Guess we know it was too good to be true!

The site is a really great one Melanie. Lisa where on the site is your blog?

Pam 10/30/07 06:50 am Lisa's blog RefugeWatch has now been added to my favourites.
FOB Webmaster 10/30/07 07:34 am Lyn - RefugeWatch is my site. I built the site around the blog.

Thanks, Pam!
lynn 10/31/07 11:44 pm Hi Lisa, took a walk around the Refuge Watch site, and I love it! The updated blog by you is a great for keeping up to date. I just saw the Oct. 31 update and can see how "he gives with one hand and takes with other", regarding our environmentally unconscious leader!?

Can I subscribe to your blog, or is it a check each day and see what's the latest?

Thanks much,

FOB Webmaster 11/01/07 04:05 pm Thanks, Lyn! If you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the feed (meaning add my feed to your RSS reader) and every time the site is updated, you'll see the new posts in your RSS reader.

If you're not familiar with RSS readers, just let me know. Google makes a good one if you don't have one already, and most websites that are updated frequently will let you subscribe to their feeds.
lynn 11/02/07 12:13 am Lisa I'm ashamed to admit that I am not familiar with what an RSS reader is, For all I know I have in in my PC, and just either haven't used it or used and didn't realized I had used it.

Thanks for any help you can give me! :-)

FOB Webmaster 11/02/07 07:56 am If you haven't used an RSS reader by now, you might not need to. Some people like to visit the actual websites to keep up-to-date, and then some folks like to collect the RSS feeds from those websites and just read them via the RSS reader.

So you don't really have to have an RSS reader -- you could just visit the websites that you want to check each day for new content.

But if you check a lot of sites, then maybe an RSS reader would save you some time, because it will collect the new content for you and present it in one place.

Here is the Google Reader -- this page gives you a tour and tells you a little about what their RSS reader does. Google Reader is just one type of RSS reader -- there are many others out there. But usually Google does things better. :-)
Melanie 11/02/07 01:02 pm I can't speak to Internet Explorer, but Firefox has a built-in RSS reader.
FOB Webmaster 11/02/07 01:50 pm I use the Firefox add-on RSS reader called Sage. I like that -- not too many bells and whistles.

I wasn't sure if she had Firefox. But I encourage everyone to get it. haha!

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