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Thread subject: Happy Holidays - Osprey Pics
Name Date Message
jhanna 12/17/07 08:39 am Happy Holidays to everyone. There hasn't been too much osprey activity lately so I thought I'd post that I have finally added all of my osprey shots from this summer onto my website. I wish them the best this winter and hope to see them return in April!

Melanie 12/17/07 10:00 am Lovely. Just lovely. Great set of Pileated shots, too! Thanks for the "booster shot"
Anne 12/17/07 11:07 am Stunning is all I can say, thank you for sharing. I like the Osprey with the closed eyes best!
Marie 12/17/07 12:36 pm You have some wonderful images there Jeff. Thank you for sharing. Looks to be a very good vantage point where the osprey nest is located.
Love those landscape pics too.
Keep taking those pics. The use of light shows in your pics. Excellent.
Pam 12/17/07 04:16 pm Thanks for sharing those with us Jeff. That Northern Pike was some fish and the photo of the young Osprey stretching is most unusual. My favourite has to be the family portrait though.
Pamela 12/17/07 04:57 pm Thanks for the lovely gift, Jeff.
I'm in agreement with Anne on photo favorites; the female osprey taking a well deserved nap is priceless!
FOB Webmaster 12/17/07 05:09 pm Thanks, Jeff. I'm going to share your gallery link on the Friends of Blackwater Osprey Cam page. I'm sure folks will enjoy seeing these shots, now that we're missing our ospreys.
cathy 12/17/07 06:21 pm Jeff - your photos capture the preciousness of these animals. One can really see the life in them - even in the reptiles and rodents that may seem less spectacular. They are all so beautiful. I hope you get to go to those places on your wish list.
Celeste 12/18/07 04:31 am Spectacular each and every one! Thank you so very much!
Your whole site is beautiful btw...I'm glad you found this site to share your photos!
jhanna 12/18/07 07:42 am Thanks for the comments! I was very fortunate to have a great view of the nest and I spent many hours with them last year. I really hope that they are able to return to the nest again this spring. Thanks for linking my site on the Blackwater Osprey Cam page, I'm getting a lot of visitors :)

Sir Lance 12/18/07 11:28 am Jeff Those are some great pictures. Very nice page set up.. The people on the Maine eagle board would love these.. Is it ok to to post your site there? Thank you for sharing.. Chris
jhanna 12/18/07 01:50 pm Absolutely, share it where ever you want! Glad you like it.
lynn 12/18/07 09:38 pm Jeff, gorgeous shots all!! They make us all long for these wonderful birds to return in March. Your photos show the beautiful details that ospreys display. Thanks for a much needed "osprey fix", to tide us over the cold winter! :-))

terryo 12/19/07 06:35 pm Tks Jeff for the great pictures, keep em coming. Happy Holidays to all.
Madeline 12/19/07 11:53 pm Thanks Jeff for sharing those gorgeous, beautiful pictures with us, we appreciate them.
Kelly 12/20/07 06:04 am Magnificent shots, Jeff ... and Happy Holidays to you as well!

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