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Thread subject: Man's demand for OIL destroys so much life.
Name Date Message
Marie 12/18/07 01:48 pm It is such a shame that we on earth must destroy so much of the other creatures in our world .Our relentless pursuit of oil will cause much in the way of destruction the world over.
We Must find alternatives sooner than later.
My biologist friend, Bryan is an on board Naturalist on an expedition in Antarctica right now, where that ship recently went down spilling fuel and other contaminants in that pristine wilderness. I wonder what he will see beside the leaking poisons that will surface. No doubt he might see the Japanese Whale factory ships that plan to destroy 1000 plus whales in those waters.
One good story right now is the Aussies are sending researches to monitor by plane, the numbers of whales swimming around the Antarctic waters. It only goes to show research can be done without KILLING . !!!

Another sad story for BIRDS and other wildlife.
lynn 12/19/07 01:11 am Marie, I was wondering if part of the problem is improper upkeep of the ships. The oil Spills wouldn't occurr if the ship were up to snuff mechanically one would think. We really should continue to find less environmetally dangerous sources for heating and driving our cars. No one wants to be the first person to speak against big oil
everyone will wait till some one else jumps in.
Marie 12/19/07 11:25 am It is true about many of the ships that ply the waters. So many are Rust-buckets. . Not sure how well regulated these big tankers are or even if there are standards imposed or adhered to. The sea is a mighty area to negotiate, dangerously rough one minute and calm and tranquil the next. It is amazing we don't have more disasters at sea.
Heres an interesting 20 minute take on what we humans are doing to our world with the need to collect stuff and how dangerous it all is.
We certainly need more controls and standards in our own market place.!!!
Have a good day everyone.
FOB Webmaster 12/19/07 02:27 pm I'm glad the Aussies are getting involved. Likely a result of the recent election that put in a more green administration.
martyc35 12/20/07 12:51 pm I heard on the radio this morning that the container ship that caused the recent spill in SF Bay has now been cleared to leave the bay and resume doing business after being repaired. The problem with the container ships is that they are not required to be double hulled. All the tankers are now required by international law to have double hulls to keep those huge spills from happening, but I think they must have some time by which they must adapt, which accounts for some of the old tankers still causing huge spills.

An interesting and shocking novel about the shipping biz was The Death Ship by B. Traven, in which he explained how such old cans kept running on the waters until the owners designated them to be sunk with their unsuspecting crews so that they could claim an accident and be repaid for it on their insurance. That was early in the 20th C., but I'll bet some old tankers are still out there today. And some old nuclear subs, too, no doubt.


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