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Thread subject: Nkorho Preserve
Name Date Message
lynn 12/20/07 01:46 am Can anyone tell me if there is a new address for Nkorho this year, and how to get to it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :-))
martyc35 12/20/07 12:40 pm They do have a new address, and lots of folks are having a hard time getting it to load in. EdPipeline gave me this one, and it works for me:

Here's what to do: highlight the URL above and copy it into your clipboard. Then go to your applications, if necessary, and find Windows Media Player app, open WMP, go to File, up at the top, and select Open URL, and when the slot opens, paste the URL directly in, hit OK, and it should open. There are other methods suggested, but this was the only one that worked for me. Every day, I go back to Windows Media Player and open it again. Once you put it in the box, it should still be there the next time unless you open something else that way. Good luck!

Happy Holidays, everyone. I'm still in Santa Rosa:-(.
martyc35 12/25/07 12:34 am Hey, Lyn,
Did you try this, and did it work for you? Can I help in any way? It's still working for me.
Merry Christmas,
lynn 12/28/07 01:07 am Marty, sorry I haven't gotten back to sooner. I tried the URL you gave me but only got the forum not the cam site. I read somewhere that Pete's Pond will be on year round now. I do miss all the animals at Nkorho though.

Pete's Pond has been an absolute joy as far as all the birds that nest in the area! I use either my Newmans or the Sinclair bird books to ID all the different ones I've spotted.

Sorry to hear your house situation hasn't worked out yet. Have all wildfires out there affected your area, (hopefully not)!?

martyc35 12/28/07 08:09 pm Lynn, you need to have a little patience on getting to Nkorho. The URL I gave you will not work unless you load it directly into Windows Media Player. To do that, you must open in your hard drive applications. So, open the hard drive on your desktop, find applications (should have a little arrow pointing right that opens the list when you click it to point down), when the applications arrow points down, go way down the list until you find Windows Media Player and click that arrow to open that list, and then when you find a file named Windows Media, double click on that, and when the window opens, go up to the tool bar and select File, and under File, select Open URL, and copy the URL into the slot and hit OK. It should go to the Nkorho introduction and then to the Nkorho clip. Try it again, please, and let me know what happens. Once you have it, it's easy to open and the URL will still be in there, ready to open.

People are looking at the house, even during the holidays, so that's hopeful. No wildfires this far north this year.

Good luck getting Nkorho, and yes, it's great that Pete's Pond will be open all year. Happy New Year!

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