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Thread subject: Knock, knock... anybody home?
Name Date Message
Shelley 12/29/07 06:49 am Ok, enough partying, time to resume our regular programming. Hope everyone's holiday was good.

Now, for 2 (non-bird) smiles, to wind down our year:

#1: (semi-bird-related):
#2:(dog vs. cat intelligence question, resolved... ;-)
Pam 12/29/07 07:39 am I'm here Shelley !! Holiday was good, hope yours was too. First we had the crow and the cat and now the duck and the dog....very heartwarming...thank you.
Melanie 12/29/07 10:56 am Home again and in desperate need of a nap! I can't believe I am out of bed.

And if you haven't seen them, catch Nora the Piano cat video and the sequel which is better than the original. Both will make your heart happy.
Shelley 12/29/07 11:38 am Oh, Mel, thanks for that!! I adore that cat!!
Pam 12/29/07 12:11 pm Me too !!!
Madeline 12/29/07 06:58 pm Awwwwwwww, that's just too cute. The little puppy dog and a teenage duckling. Cats are cute and QUIET, but dogs rule!!! Pickles speaks for itself... .. LOL OK, smart kitty, Shelley.

Melanie, I;ve never seen Nora before, but it was so entertaning and adorable. That sequal was great with intermittion and Nora laying her head down to signal, THE END

I had the feeling it was going to be you Shelley who would wake us up and start the conversation.

Just a little side note. Twentytwo years ago I fractured a bone in my foot and had NO problem whatsoever walking on crutches. This time, I fell going out the door to my pre-op more crutches for me.....they're dangerous to my aging overweight body. Maybe a diet would help!
lynn 12/30/07 01:22 am I'm here too Shelley! Just a bit late as usual. Loved the cat and duck, and the others I checked out! :-))

Thanks also Melanie, I had a big smile all the while watching those awwww too cute videos.

BTW Shelley, since the first three books I reviewed, haven't had another to review in a couple of months now. I'm trying to catch up on my reading of books in the house now. I just got my copy of 1000 Splendid Suns, and started it the other day.

Also on a Bird related aside, of a great thrill to me today, I saw a Grey Heron glide gracefully over my back yard today! One of those moments when you just lucked out glancing out the window at the right time.

Been watching Pete's Pond every night to get my feather fix. The number of different species I've seen already this year is phenomenal.

All pretty quiet right now till New Years Eve, then off to a friends yearly get together. Christmas was a real family and friends time. This is the time of year when you can really appreciate what's important in life, with family and friends.

Hope everyones Christmas was lovely, and your New Year is happy and safe whereever you may be. :-))

Celeste 12/30/07 05:18 am Hi All, I check every day, but didn't have anything as entertaining as Shelley and Melanie. Thank you both for the wake-up call and smiles to start the day.

Melanie, I do think you should get a piano. I know Sweeney would love one? well, maybe a toy one:-)

Oh and Madeline, pre-op? On your ankle? Good Luck! Speedy recovery!

Happy, Healthy New Year to All!
Trishrg 12/30/07 12:56 pm Awwww! Thanks Shelley~The duck and the dog were too cute!
As for the pickles thing, it was a man's wardrobe malfunction..... musta changed! Lol!

Mel~Oh my goodness, LOVED Nora the piano cat.
Also went to the ravenswingstudio site, and found a CRAZY video called the Digitally exquisite corpse project and I must say, WOW! It totally ROCKED!
Great music, and incredible art!
Happy new years to all.

Shelley 12/30/07 02:18 pm Thanks, Trish. I have edited my original post to correct that link. You should *get it* now, ;-)
Melanie 12/30/07 07:41 pm I'm afraid Sweeney Todd, aka the demon cat of Monroe St., is already a virtuoso on one keyboard already - as in the computer - not to mention being in charge of QC when I'm at the spinning wheel. I'm not sure I could cope with a third creative outlet from him. ;-p

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