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Thread subject: R. Bierregaard's new message
Name Date Message
Pamela 12/30/07 02:06 pm Hoping Rob's message reaches someone who has the expertise in posting. It literally gives Claws' view of his wintering grounds. It's fascinating that Rob and technology can achieve a bird's eye view for us.

I'd be happy to cut and paste if need be, just let me know.

martyc35 12/30/07 05:32 pm This, I think
Pamela 12/30/07 07:52 pm Marty, it's a virtual journey on Google Earth following him across the country showing the terrain.
FOB Webmaster 12/30/07 08:37 pm Here is the file. Click on the link to download the file to your hard drive. Then double-click the file to open it in Google Earth.

Rob said the following about the file:

You'll have to set up options for touring in Google Earth.
1. Click Tools> Options
2. Click on the Touring tab.
3. In the Fly-to/Tour Settings area, adjust the view angle to about 70 degrees. This is important to get the effect of looking over the bird's shoulder. Fool around with the speed a bit. If it's really slow when you run the tour, you can come back here and speed it up.

(If you're on a Mac, the process is the same, but you get there via Preferences under Google Earth at the top menu bar).

Before taking the tour, zoom in on the area where the blue line is. You may have to move the date slide on top of the map to the right to have all the locations show up. You'll see an area with most of the locations. This is his headquarters. The tour begins in the easternmost cluster of points. You then head west and will pass a greenish looking lake. As you go by there you'll see lots of points. This is a spot he comes back to often. At the end of the tour he's heading back to this lake, apparently not terribly impressed with any of the options. He got back there a day or so after our tour ends.

To take the tour, open the Claws 22nov folder by clicking on the little triangle thingie in front of the folder name. Then click on the one in front of Claws trip. Now click once on the Claws tour 22nov file to highlight it and then hit the Play Tour button below the My Places Window--there should be triangle and box buttons like the play and stop buttons on your VCR remote.
Sit back and enjoy the ride. It may take a half-hour to 40 minutes, so settle down. If it looks like it's going to take much longer than this, go back to the options and speed up the tour. I have the speed on my Mac set at 500--midway btn slow and fast. This works well on my machine.
martyc35 12/31/07 12:38 pm Thanks, Lisa, I doubted I had found the right spot. I don't receive his e-mail updates, so I missed that.

Happy New Year, all,

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