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Thread subject: Magnificent Osprey Photos
Name Date Message
Cecilia 04/22/09 10:26 am I've been so tied up with things "not Osprey" that I don't know if anyone posted these incredible photos by Miguel Lasa so please forgive me and move on if you have seen them. Otherwise, you're in for a treat. Go HERE
Marie 04/22/09 11:17 am Awesome Cec...
One of his birds are banded...
He must have been in a boat on the water to get those kind of pics...;-)

Lucky fellow!
Matt 04/22/09 11:59 am Great shots.

Actually he doesn't have to be on the water. He could have been on the shore with a large telephoto lens.

Today they have some large lenses for SLR cameras that have Image Stabilization built in, which eliminates camera shake and I have seen some photographers hold these cameras with the long lenses in their hands.
Anne 04/22/09 12:03 pm I think I have seen these before but I still enjoyed every one again and thought WOW! Thanks Cecilia.
Pam 04/22/09 12:37 pm I doubt they come any better than those !
Marie 04/22/09 01:16 pm well Matt he'd have to be very low on the shoreline as the angle is very low. Sometimes one is lying on one's belly to get that angle... ;-)
A big lens on a tripod wouldn't be maneuverable at the speed those ospreys travel. I bet it was hand held with image stabilizer in the lens. Which ever way he did get these images they are still GREAT, especially an osprey with a fish in each talon.
Tiger 04/22/09 02:36 pm It is not only ospreys that he photographs. See his other albums at Other albums
Celeste 04/22/09 02:45 pm They are extraordinary.....the osprey with a fish in each talon caught my eye! I agree Pam, I have never seen anything better than those photos! Thanks Cec!
Lori 04/22/09 04:10 pm The man is an excellent photographer, I've seen these before too but never tire of looking at them.
Pamela 04/22/09 04:58 pm Oh my, I never tire of seeing excellent osprey photos, thank you! The patience wildlife photographers have must be much like Betty's.
Marie 04/22/09 05:04 pm Thanks Tiger.....those galleries are awesome especially the Snowies and the Polar Bears. He obviously spends a lot of time in Canada. ;-)

Kelly 04/22/09 05:23 pm Thanks, Ceclia and Tiger ... spectacular images!!!
june 04/22/09 05:37 pm Someone had posted his site a couple of years ago and I have them on my favorites. And they are my favorites!
lynn 04/22/09 05:39 pm Not sure if I saw them before or not, enjoyed them very much. The photographer is phenomenal to say the least. There was a shot of every angle of an Opsrey, from flying to diving, to a "two handed" fish catch! What a camera and lens setup he must have, plus the skills to catch such often times elusive shots! WOW

Kathy 04/22/09 05:54 pm Thanks Cec, I will be adding them to my favorites and look at them often, they are incredible Osprey photos.
Tiger 04/22/09 06:47 pm Seems like it was you Marie. See Previous post
Cecilia 04/22/09 09:08 pm I felt like "we" had seen some of his work before but this slide show is really special. The person who sent it to me included all the people who had been passing it on and the comments were fascinating because for the most part they weren't people like us who are really into Ospreys. One exchange was discussing what kind of fish the Osprey's had in their talons and another sender just said something like, "What ever these are they are sure beautiful birds" :-) Thanks Tiger for posting his other galleries...I looked at them briefly but I hope I can find time tomorrow to really enjoy the rest of his work.

And Marie...I think some of your photos are just as wonderful!
Marie 04/23/09 02:00 am Ah thanks Tiger.... it was ME I had forgotton, the brain aint what it used to be....;-)

And thanks Cecilia. I keep trying.
yrjokuronen 04/26/09 01:29 pm Hi and greetings from Finland!

Miquel Lasa, the photographer of these magnificent Osprey Photos, is a regular visitor of the Pohtiolampi Osprey Center, maintained by the Finnish Osprey Foundation and located in Kangasala, close to the city of Tampere.

I think, that these photos have been taken in the hides of the Pohtiolampi Osprey Center.

More information of the Finnish Osprey Foundation and Pohtiolampi Osprey Center see:

Btw, I am the webmaster of the Finnish Osprey Foundation Website. You can send feedback to me by emailing to:
Pam 04/26/09 03:12 pm How cool to hear from you yrjokuronen and to know that you look in on the DPOF website. A lot of us watch the Saaksi Ospreys and enjoy looking at the beautiful Finnish scenery as well as the birds themselves. Thank you for the information.

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