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Thread subject: 05-19 Betty Returns with the Fish, then leaves again...[video]
Name Date Message
cathleen 05/19/09 05:25 pm ...with Dennis seriously befuddled. He flies off, leaving the chick alone, and then Betty returns but leaves the fish on the NE side of the nest.
Tiger 05/19/09 05:29 pm So am I seeing this right. Dennis was brooding the chick? Old Dennis never brooded chicks.
cathleen 05/19/09 05:39 pm Dennis didn't WANT to brood the chick, but flying up to the cam didn't feel right to him either I guess. He made several starts to sitting, but then backed off nervously. Then he did finally sit, and I thought he might have crushed the poor thing when he did, as he fell forward and anchored his beak as if he was brooding eggs!

But this video is just Betty arriving and leaving with fish - strange in itself. What do you think?
Tiger 05/19/09 06:11 pm Well Dennis brooding a chick would certainly be unusual.

Betty does not normally leave the nest when the chicks are very small. Two odd observations together.
Anne 05/19/09 06:18 pm So did the chick get nothing at all?
Celeste 05/19/09 06:27 pm I don't believe so. Perhaps not all the maternal instincts have kicked in. Once again, we are seeing things via the cam that the experts may not have witnessed. It would be nice to know that all our observations were kept somehow.
cathleen 05/19/09 06:31 pm So far after this event, the chick has gotten nothing. And the fish is still hanging out on the NE side. It is such a mystery. I read that she did try to feed it earlier today...

It was weird to see Dennis finally trying a sit-down. It reminded me of a man deciding to sit down on a toilet to pee. Here again is the part of him sitting down.
Celeste 05/19/09 06:34 pm :-))))
Pam 05/19/09 06:37 pm Another great bit of video Cathleen but as you say what a weird happening. This is the first good look at the chick Ihave had too - it sure looks big and strong for a newborn.
Carla 05/19/09 06:41 pm Does Dennis not know that the chick is about what his brooding the eggs all this time was? :) As for Betty feeding the chick---are osprey chicks like the eagle chicks in that they can go without being fed for a while because they have absorbed the inside of the egg?
cathleen 05/19/09 06:44 pm Carla, I am hoping that is true. Though instinctively the chick had its head up and beak open. Why she wouldn't instinctively feed it is strange.

Males don't normally brood after hatching - I have never seen it. But some male ospreys feed chicks, so I guess they can get used to sitting...
Anne 05/19/09 06:48 pm Dident Henry brood the chicks once Tiger?
Carla 05/19/09 07:17 pm Watching your videos, Cathleen, I didn't think he even knew what it was in the nest. He certainly did look dumb-founded. So glad you caught the action. Thanks.
FOB Webmaster 05/19/09 07:41 pm Yes, they absorb the yolk before hatching. This happened on the Hilton Head Osprey Cam earlier this year. The mother was eating the first meals and not feeding the chick. Their webmaster emailed me and was worried about the behavior. Eventually mom started feeding the chick.

cathleen 05/19/09 07:45 pm Wow, I'm glad you weighed in, Lisa. Maybe this comes under the same type of behavior. Fingers crossed!
Marie 05/20/09 03:25 am Great captures again Cathleen...strange behaviours we are seeing today. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. ;-)
I will be watching for your videos.

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