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Thread subject: SNOW
Name Date Message
Nancy L 12/19/09 10:38 am There's snow on the Blackwater Eagle's nest in Maryland & a bllizzard is expected for the DPOF site this afternoon & evening. Depending on the tract of the storm, anywhere from 4 - 14 inches is expected.
Mickey 12/19/09 12:08 pm If you wanna see what its like on LI you can look at the Silver Sands Motel camera :)
Trishrg 12/19/09 12:43 pm Hey Mickey~ Make us a video when the snow falls =)
FOB Webmaster 12/19/09 01:39 pm I have 15.5 inches where I live in northern MD. I heard from the Refuge folks a little while ago -- they're closed for the day. Our cam technician told me they had 6-8 inches this morning, so they're likely over 10+ inches by now, although he heard it might turn to sleet and rain later today.
Melanie 12/19/09 02:01 pm We're expecting up to 2 feet in Central Md. by the time this thing ends tomorrow morning. And now they've just announced more snow on Christmas day for us. We've already got more snow on the ground right now than we had all of last winter. I've had several flocks of Carolina Wrens and Juncos on my front porch availing themselves of the hulled sunflower seeds.

Cozy sweats, cocoa, cookies and sheepskin slippers. Yup - that's the way to go!
FOB Webmaster 12/19/09 02:56 pm Just came in from shoveling -- it's up to my knees. The good news is it's a light, fluffy snow -- not that heavy, wet snow that weighs a ton.

I'm off to Florida Wed. night, assuming the airports are back to normal. My dad says it's supposed to be in the low 70s by the time I come. Wonderful!
Mickey 12/19/09 03:48 pm here ya go Trish :)
Just friend me on FB
Michael Martin
Pam 12/19/09 04:00 pm I just love the way you Americans cope with snow..and I mean REAL snow !!!! We had about 1" at most 24 hours ago and it has since frozen but the whole country is thrown into chaos, flights cancelled, roads, schools etc. closed, schedules disrupted, sports meetings cancelled etc :-))
I loved your video Mickey - Frosty is looking good. Please make some more !
Marie 12/19/09 05:25 pm Oh My...I don't envy you folk in the east. brrrr Nice work Mickey on the Video. I hope you will all stay cozy and warm. Nothing like a fire, and some eggnog at this time of year.

Looks like we will NOT have a white Christmas.....

It is 7 degrees today with a north easterly wind at 13 which makes it feel like Zero. Just got in from participating in the Christmas Bird Count. Birds were hunkered down most of the time so difficult to get few to come to the top of the bushes to be seen and counted. I had nothing unusual but did enjoy a close encounter with a Coopers Hawk attempting to get breakfast. He never did while I was there. Plenty of Pine Siskins and Cedar Waxwings this count which was nice.
FOB Webmaster 12/19/09 05:41 pm We just hit 20 inches in Germantown (Montgomery County).

And they say it will snow into the night. Thank goodness this was on a weekend.
Shelley 12/19/09 06:03 pm Meanwhile, up here in the great (supposed) white north, we had a bit of snow last Tuesday, and nothing since, though our temps are frigid. We aren't expecting anything until maybe next Wednesday! As of today, I'm on vacation and don't officially have to be on the roads, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I caught this on yahoo news earlier today and the last bit cracked me up. I wonder what word the writer meant to use:

she wore a toboggan??!
cathy 12/19/09 07:06 pm Isn't it supposed to snow around this time of year? It always did when I lived in Boston. They knew how to deal with snow. I love seeing cardinals in the snow (when I lived in Virginia). Nice work, Lucy and Mickey on the flip video. I'd like to see it when it snows some more. Blackwater eagle nest is covered - I hope there's no snow during egg incubation or after hatching. Last year, Fort St. Vrain lost 3 eaglets to snow when something happened to one eagle and the other eagle had to leave the nest eventually. It was frozen here for about 2 weeks, but it has been just raining for the past week here in Seattle. I just got in from spreading the dirt piled into hills by a herd of moles in my yard. Where are the hawks when I need them?
FOB Webmaster 12/19/09 07:31 pm The DC area does get some snow at this time of year, but at least for us, they're saying this is the largest December accumulation in 70 years.
Trishrg 12/19/09 10:17 pm Great video Mickey. Would love to see it now, hours later!!
Love Lucy too!
Sent you a FB friend request too!
Celeste 12/20/09 05:45 am I've been thinking of the New Yorkers who have moved South and are hysterical with laughter right now. Long Island just announced continued blizzard conditions, and parts got up to 24 in and its still falling. Here where I live we got "mechanical" phone calls asking us to remove all cars from the street so that they can plow...they plow us, but all the snow blocks our driveways! Many people who have more than one car have parked them on their lawns to get them off the street. It's pretty, but soon I must get out there and help shovel...I can barely open my front door! Just hope this isn't a sign of the kind of winter we will be having!
Pamela 12/20/09 09:23 am Remember how exciting it was as a child to have a white Christmas? It looks like their dream has come true with perhaps another storm in the very near future. It continues to snow here along the coast, but is expected to stop in the early afternoon.
The most exciting thing about the blizzard is that the storm has brought back the birds which have been very scarce all fall. . .joy to the world.
Mickey 12/20/09 12:18 pm alright heres this mornings video :)
Mickey 12/20/09 01:26 pm part 3 :)
Pam 12/20/09 04:18 pm ...and part 3 already...that really was some snowfall. Hope you have someone to help with the shopping etc. or maybe you just order online?? Poor Frosty, buried alive.
Trishrg 12/20/09 04:30 pm Lucy's not so anxious to get buried in the snow any more eh? WOW! Poor Frosty! It sure looks pretty though.
cathy 12/20/09 07:04 pm Totally great on the spot video reporting!! I really loved seeing dogs dolphining through the snow and knocking down all the snow walls and not knowing where to poop. That's serious snowfall. Remember August! It's coming again. In the meantime... have a lovely holiday season at home with those you got snowed in with, if anyone.
cathy 12/20/09 07:05 pm There's a disembodied little wing in the Blackwater nest. Perhaps this is what Jimi Hendrix, a Seattle native, wrote a song about.
Tim P 12/20/09 09:53 pm 27 inches
cathleen 12/21/09 07:37 am yow. great videos. also checked out silver sands every now and then for updates.
@cathy: well, they took what they wanted from little wing...
Mickey 12/22/09 12:28 pm
Pam 12/22/09 04:11 pm Poor Frosty....pretty much dead :-))
Anne UK1 12/23/09 03:09 am Great videos Mickey (and my dog sleeps on his back like Lucy!).

Hope you're all keeping warm and safe out there, and a Merry Christmas to one and all :)
Madeline 12/24/09 12:23 am Thanks Mickey for the up-to-date report on the snow fall. Are Lucy and Holly siblings? They look like twins and love the same frolicking in the snow.
My dog is a black shepard/lab mix and they just stand out against the white snow.

Merry Christmas to All and safe traveling. Ho, and one mor thing: DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!!!!
Mickey 12/24/09 07:50 pm Holly is my neighbor puppy. Lucy is her best buddy and they arent related :)

Merry Christmas to you too :)

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