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Thread subject: Dawn Chorus and Happy New Year
Name Date Message
martyc35 01/03/10 12:16 pm Hello, all, and Happy New Year! Once again, I'm testing my ability to sit at the computer for more than a minute or so, and I'm doing much better now while recovering from gall bladder surgery. In two weeks I will have the first cataract operation, which should make seeing your messages much easier, too. I found a new Dawn Chorus Bird Blog this morning, so here it is to share: HERE. I still haven't made it all the way through in one sitting, but I'm trying. More when I can sit a bit longer, and best to you all.
Nancy L 01/03/10 01:04 pm Good to hear from you Marty. Best wishes for a happier new year than last. Keep on recovering.
Pam 01/03/10 06:20 pm Hi Marty.....long time....glad you are getting better from your recent surgery and good luck with the cataract op. Dennis has had both eyes done and he has excellent vision now - hope it works the same for you. Wishing you well in the New Year.
Pam 01/03/10 06:37 pm Nice video of the Sapsucker Marty, thanks.
Celeste 01/04/10 05:28 am Happy New Year Marty! Speedy recovery. My husband has "bionic" vision after his one cataract was removed! Thanks for the link!
Marie 01/04/10 12:54 pm Thank you for that interesting read nice to see some of the birds. Our Christmas bird count was one of our better ones with 141 species ID, however the numbers of individual birds was way down. I have noticed that this Fall, especilly the sea birds. I haven't seen one Grebe yet along the waterfront nor a Common Loon. This is most unusual. Perhaps they have found the fish in other areas,

Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better....take care
martyc35 01/04/10 01:58 pm Thanks, all. Marie, I'm hoping to be well enough to get out to look at some sea birds soon. It seems so long since I've been able to, and I dearly miss it. That was my big reason for moving to Eureka, after all, and so far I've made only one trip out in the two years I've been here. I haven't lost hope yet, though, and I am happy to report that I made it the last 18 hours without pain pills. My goal is to make it the whole next week, and then I will feel I am really recovering. I've heard so much good about the cataract operations that I'm really looking forward to that. Can hardly wait. Then I will be truly on the mend again!
Marie 01/04/10 08:45 pm Keeping my fingers crossed for you......Nature heals...little by little...take your time and baby steps will get you to where you want and need to be. ;-)
Madeline 01/06/10 01:27 am Good to hear from you again, Marty. It's been a while. My wishes for a speedy recovery from the gall bladder, and good luck with the cateract surgery.

It's amazing how the goldfinch on the window screen went from thrilled to GET OFF NOW!!!
cathleen 01/06/10 08:14 am Marty, thinking of you as you continue to persevere to get to the other side of this thing by the time the weather warms to summer and you will be outside enjoying the birds!

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