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Thread subject: And now for something (not quite) completely different
Name Date Message
Melanie 01/04/10 05:11 pm An Anna's Hummingbird webcam - sound - gorgeous color - 2 eggs - meet Phoebe. She's gorgeous.
Pam 01/04/10 06:54 pm Thanks Mel....gorgeous is the word !
Shelley 01/04/10 07:17 pm Wow, so pretty!! She appears to be panting very strongly. Is that normal?

Interesting to see the chat happening live at the right side, as we watch.
cathleen 01/04/10 07:31 pm She is stunning. They have very high metabolism, so I think the fast breathing is normal. Thanks!
Pamela 01/04/10 08:09 pm Great camera, Melanie!
Shelley, the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds breathe in the same manner and as Cathleen mentioned, it's normal.
To all who are interested and able to view Nature, on Sunday,1/10 the program is on Hummingbirds at 8 pm. Check your guide.
Celeste 01/05/10 05:04 am Too early...but can't wait to see later...and yes "they" are still talking at this hour! Thanks Melanie!
martyc35 01/05/10 12:35 pm Thanks, Mel! A beautiful sight to see.
Trishrg 01/05/10 01:10 pm Wow, they totally upgraded the website and the video is awesome. So good to see. Thanks for the link.
Melanie 01/05/10 05:03 pm This is another link to Phoebe which also has links for videos from recently - like her trying to get the the last set of kids, Jade and Julep, off the nest on December 9. Imagine - one month after the last batch leaves and she already has a new clutch? Damn, but she's a fast worker!
Shelley 01/06/10 06:37 pm Have you noticed at the bottom of the cam screen, *ads by google*? One of them I find to be quite inappropriate and almost offensive, given the folks who are likely watching this cam. One ad says:

"Get rid of birds! High quality products to get rid of birds permanently. Shop online now"

I wonder if the cam people know about this?

I am watching now and she just returned to the nest. I have been hearing sounds of a helicopter (that what it sounded like), and before that, what sounded almost like a crow. Earlier today, I could hear the whir of her wings as she left and returned to the nest, soft, but there were no other sounds then
Shelley 01/06/10 07:21 pm Wow. I am guessing this cam is in someone's backyard? I wonder if they realize that their voices carry, too. I just heard 2 boys talking, and sounds like maybe playing basketball. A mom just called, "Bobby!". It sounds awfully close to the nest, or at least, to the mike of the cam.

Sure hope no one says anything they might not want the world to hear...;-)
Melanie 01/08/10 12:13 pm It is - right up against their house in a rosebush. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see the whole setup and the cam.

Google ads are keyword generated - you never know what will pop up.

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