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Thread subject: Eagle at Decorah now !
Name Date Message
Pam 01/06/10 04:16 pm

It is eating prey...something quite big. have only just switched on so can't see what it is yet.
Pamela 01/06/10 04:24 pm Pickin's must be slim and it must be freezing, the squirrel is frozen solid.
Originally I thought there was a stream near the nest. It turns out to be a road as a semi trailer truck just went by.
Pam 01/06/10 04:38 pm Hi Pamela...glad you see it. Yes, the squirrel is pretty stiff ! Two roads in view at the top but there seems to be a stream below and did I read somewhere about a fish hatchery? Humans must be nearby too, there were a lot of voices last night (UK time) and some work being done, children laughing etc.
Pam 01/06/10 04:40 pm By the way, does your stream keep stopping and starting about every fourth second or is it just my internet connection?
Pamela 01/06/10 04:46 pm Hi Pam. . .yes my stream did start and stop for awhile.
It's incredible how we can hear that enormous beak biting.
You did read about a fish hatchery somewhere in the introduction.
The nest looks extremely high, especially when compared with the traffic below. Traffic can be heard quite constantly. I only noticed one road, now I'll go back and look for the other you mentioned and the stream below.
Pam 01/06/10 04:50 pm The other road is hardly visible - you can see it just under the curved branch top left of the picture. I believe the stream may be bottom right but no longer in view now that the cam has zoomed in. I think you could see a road bridge before too, top right. I just heard another eagle call.
Pamela 01/06/10 05:00 pm Both the hummingbird cam and the eagle cam have excellent shots with good audio facilities. Woods Hole ( learning institution) should invest in a modern cam such as these and follow their established osprey in the same manner DPOF and the two cams I previously mentioned have done.
It makes the world so much more aware.
Pamela 01/06/10 05:08 pm Yes, the road is barely visible. The view was much easier to see before they zoomed in, but perhaps after I watch the program Celeste mentioned, it will give those who are able to see Nature a better understanding of the area. I'll be sure to let you know.
Pam 01/06/10 05:29 pm really made me jump when it landed back on the nest !! Presume it is the same bird?
Pamela 01/06/10 06:22 pm I've been back and forth here as it's dinner time, but just saw the eagle fly away with something not quite as frozen as the squirrel. At first I thought it was bark, but am not sure.
FOB Webmaster 01/06/10 06:29 pm Wonder if that was roadkill. It was stiff as an ironing board.
Pam 01/06/10 06:48 pm Dennis wants an eagle in our garden. He hates grey squirrels :-))
Celeste 01/07/10 05:04 am According to the PBS special that ran last year, there is definitely a hatchery near this nest. I never get tired of that PBS Special on this nest and Eagles...if you haven't had a chance watch it. When they filmed this nest, there was a female with one eye, and unfortunately, the nest was not successful as one day she left the male brooding, and was found dead. The male had to finally abandon the egg, (she laid one), to feed himself. The female and the male were long time occupants of this nest I believe.
Celeste 01/07/10 05:07 am For those it didn't see the original link to the full Video of the PBS Special The American Eagle....

cathy 01/07/10 10:35 am Snow is coming down and there are no eagle talon prints in it now.
Pamela 01/08/10 11:58 am Pam, I have just finished watching American Eagle and jotted down some interesting items for you. The nest is in a cottonwood tree, 80' above the ground, quite close to a fish hatchery. The male is very territorial in regard to HIS nest and visits it all winter. Therefore, it must have been the female Bald Eagle with the male on the nest just the other day. The male dominates arranging the nest. He will rearrange everything that the female has added.Two--three eggs are laid requiring an incubation period of five weeks. Hmm, five to six for Osprey.
Celeste, thank you, it was a fascinating documentary.
Personally, I'm all for the Osprey's manners--he doesn't steal from others and it's fifty/fifty in the nest arranging department.
Pam 01/08/10 12:41 pm Thanks very much Pamela. It is a bit frustrating not being able to view Celeste's link to the Bald Eagle film I have to say. I suppose it works both ways in that you in North America cannot see some of the European things either and maybe at the end of the day it is all I joined the Decorah cam forum but can't say I am too keen on the format of it. This one takes some beating in that respect.
Pamela 01/08/10 02:55 pm I forwarded the documentary to a friend here. Do you suppose I could forward it to you through your email?
Must agree with you that the format is not nearly comparable to our present site.
Pam 01/09/10 07:43 am Thanks Pamela but I don't think it would be possible. It would come through okay but then due to the viewing rights I still would not be able to see it. I have watched one or two excerpts on UTube. I expect we will have it on our TV some time...meanwhile I will continue to watch the real thing on the internet.

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