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Thread subject: Panda Alert
Name Date Message
Tiger 01/06/10 06:04 pm I guess some of you will like this. See Baby Panda at San Diego Zoo
FOB Webmaster 01/06/10 06:32 pm That was good -- even better than what they currently have on the zoo site.
cathy 01/06/10 07:24 pm I have been watching this panda since it was born. Bai Yun is such a good panda mother. But she is not gentle. I guess she knows what she's doing, though. She picks up the baby, and they sleep together. Now little Yun Zi is kind of rough with his mother - he seems to bite her face when he can.
FOB Webmaster 01/06/10 07:51 pm I thought the same thing about the mother in Atlanta -- Lun Lun. She was really rough with Mei Lan when she was little. The zoo people even said they sometimes worried she'd get hurt, but she never did. And she'd keep coming back for more.
Celeste 01/07/10 04:59 am That was nice thanks Tiger. San Diego has been so fortunate with their Pandas. I was thinking of Tai Shan only yesterday. I guess any day now he will be leaving.
Melanie 01/07/10 11:59 am We are still waiting for his departure date to be announced. Hopefully they won't do what they did with the big hippo - smuggle him out of the zoo unannounced in the middle of the night.
Melanie 01/07/10 12:33 pm Must be firming up - the Nat. Zoo have announced a Farewell to Tai Shan event on Saturday, January 30, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
cheryl 01/10/10 10:31 am When Mei Sheng left San Diego in Nov. of 2007, the zoo was very descriptive about the procedure he went through to acclimate him to his enclosure for travel etc. I wish the DC zoo would do the same and let us know more about what is happening to Tai Shan.
I almost cried when I watched the clip on the new little guy in San Diego because it was so like Tai and Mei, with him trotting along behing his lumbering mom. I'm not happy that Tai is leaving and was thinking about his parents. Has anybody heard any more about the agreement that we have with China to return both Mei Xieng and Tian Tian at the end of this year? I've looked but couldn't find any news.
Melanie 01/10/10 10:58 am From the NatZoo site on the Dec 4 posting: Mei Xiang and Tian Tian also belong to China and are on a ten-year loan as part of a research, conservation and breeding program. This agreement expires in December 2010. National Zoo and Chinese officials will not begin negotiations about their future until spring 2010.
cheryl 01/10/10 12:19 pm Thanks Melanie. On a cold morning like this one, spring seems such a VERY long way off. I wonder what they'll decide.
Melanie 01/10/10 01:20 pm I would have no problem with getting a new pair or at least a new female. Granted we all know Tai is THE perfect panda cub, but one cub in 10 years isn't a great return on the $$ we spent/are spending for these two.

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