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Thread subject: Earthquake in Eureka, CA
Name Date Message
martyc35 01/10/10 11:13 am Hi, everyone: if my camera were charged up, I'd send a pic of the mess on my kitchen floor--canned goods, broken dishes and wine glasses, maple syrup and vanilla extract all mixed in with the glass, etc. Thank god, that was the worst for me. One poor cat, the already easily excitable Zimmy, had just emerged from hiding from the sound of the rain on the roof to snuggle up beside me on the bed, when the temblor struck at about 4:30 in the afternoon (already dusk here). I was nearly thrown out of the bed, and Zimmy dove back underneath it. My other cat, the three-legged Rascal, took it all in stride and came looking for me to see if I was okay. Ever since she was hit by a car and lost one rear leg many years ago, she has nightmares every day, anyway, so not too much fazes her. I'm happy to say that after several hours without power, things are back to normal now, and there's just an unholy mess to clean up. Some folks in the lower lying spots had much more damage. It was a 6.5, and that is big enough for me. I was in the Santa Rosa area when the Loma Prieta hit in 1989, and I think that was even bigger, but not where I lived at the time. We have had several aftershocks, but I haven't felt any of them, thankfully. Well, count your blessings, all. Most of the northern hemisphere is suffering ungodly cold; here in CA, we just shake, rattle, and roll. Only a day late for Elvis's 75th birthday, too. You can see some pics on Google news; the Natural Foods store shown in the pics is down near the waterfront. So are my Co-op grocery and Costco, so I think I will stay away from there for a few days. The Victorian house on California St. that lost its front porch is probably down toward the waterfront, too. That street is not far from here, but it runs all the way across town, and the older homes are mostly in the lower elevations. No tsunami warnings, but I chose to live up on a hill just to be sure I'm well out of the way.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. I think I will stay home:-).
Pam 01/10/10 12:32 pm After all your troubles Marty this is the last thing you want. Glad you are alright and hope there are no more to follow. Here is a link for anyone who wants to read the news item and watch a short video:
News item with video
Nancy L 01/10/10 01:04 pm Whoa, Marty! If it's not one thing, it's another!
Hope the clean-up wasn't too difficult & you & the cats are feeling better, today.
Melanie 01/10/10 01:28 pm I've been through s smaller one in L. A. many, many moons ago and that was scary enough. It certainly took care of any earthquake curiosity I ever might have had. I'm sorry for the mess in the kitchen, especially for the loss of the maple syrup but it could have been worse. Glad you are OK.
Shelley 01/10/10 01:46 pm So glad you are ok! Do you have anyone to help you out?

Reading about it is scary enough for me, thanks.
martyc35 01/10/10 02:15 pm Yes, I forgot to say that I was immediately In touch with my granddaughter, Kate, who lives nearby in Arcata, and she will bring my vacuum cleaner back and help me clean up today. I've been wandering about, picking up things that fell over, but I'm leaving most of the broken glass until she comes. Of course, I swept a lot of it out of the way for fear the cats would walk in it. Can't figure out why one tv hooked to the satellite dish will work and the other won't, but no doubt some techie help will solve that, too. I feel very fortunate now that recovering from surgery sent me into bed for a little nap just before this hit, for otherwise I might have been in the kitchen in the line of fire! Funny how life's little downs sometimes turn out to be ups, eh?
Anne UK1 01/10/10 05:50 pm Glad you're okay Marty. That sounds pretty scary.
Celeste 01/11/10 07:00 am sorry. Hope all gets back to order soon, and you are right back on the original road of getting better quickly!
Marie 01/11/10 12:28 pm Gosh oh Golly, Marty ! I didn't even know about this. I was watching a program on Volcanologists and Volcanoes last evening including earthquakes. It is quite something to see these guys watching, and measuring temps and even taking samples of the molten magma bubbling up in some of these craters, especially the oldest active one in Ethiopia.

I do hope you can continue your road of recovery and no more tremors are felt/

All the best!

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