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Thread subject: Pete's Pond Question
Name Date Message
Carla 01/11/10 11:21 am I have been staying up late every night once I get mom into bed and watching all the activity at Pete's Pond. With all the sunshine and baby animals running around, it looks like a summer vacation at some resort. My question is: Do these animals have to sign some sort of "Peace" contract before they can use the pond? :) :) They never seem to bother each other and the little babies just wonder off all by themselves.
Marie 01/11/10 12:09 pm nice thought Carla. ;-)
Celeste 01/11/10 02:16 pm I haven't watched in a while, but I do think there are some "mishaps" especially with the resident crocodile! I also think that the animals know what time they "should" be thirsty and choose the best time:-) Though as we have learned from watching live cams, never, ever presume that things are always "textbook":-) If they did sign a "peace" contract, it might be nice if they shared it with the human world!
Carla 01/12/10 12:19 am I guess they do have a few "mishaps" but all just seem to be so peaceful with each other. Except when the herd of elephants comes; then, everybody else back off from the pond till the big guys leave. I haven't seen Fatty out suning himself but I guess he probably does that in the afternoon. It has been so much fun watching all the different babies running, jumping, and playing.
martyc35 01/12/10 01:12 pm You all have just reminded me of a time a couple of years ago when a group (flock?) of ostriches came to the pond to take a drink and were scared back by Fatty, who leaped at them from the water. Although no one was caught, they were frightened, but their small brain size was soon evident: they just kept edging nearer and nearer to the same spot, hoping Fatty was gone. It never occurred to them to move down along the shore to another spot, as many of the four-leggedf animals do to stay out of Fatty's way. Made me laugh. I had read that they don't need to drink water to survive, so I didn't feel too sorry for them.
Carla 01/13/10 12:18 am There has been a couple of ostriches the past several nights and you are right, they don't seem too bright.

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