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Thread subject: Hummer hatching
Name Date Message
Melanie 01/19/10 11:01 am The first chick just hatched this morning. LINK
Shelley 01/19/10 06:23 pm As of about 15 minutes ago, I saw on the chat board that the cam is down, the host's garage is flooded and there are branches down in the yard. But word is that Phoebe and her nest are ok.

I noticed when I left work that it had been raining steadily there again (I have had the nest cam on most of the day so we could watch the baby) but I just got home a little while ago to find that it apparently turned into quite a storm. I feel for them. Hopefully, the worst is over
Shelley 01/19/10 06:48 pm Whew! Cam back up, rain seems to have stopped. It still looks pretty windy, though
Kelly 01/19/10 07:20 pm Two babies :)))
Marie 01/19/10 10:15 pm Lovely view on this cam of this little hummer and her BABES.
Shelley 01/20/10 06:11 am I was getting a bit seasick watching that little nest waving on its branch in those big winds. Phoebe and her nest and brood have survived other wind and storms over the 7 years she has chosen this rosebush, I know, and this one will likely be no different. I suspect what saves her is her prime location, close to the wall and under the eaves. Smart little cookie! Can't wait for the sun to come up today.
Pam 01/21/10 06:52 am Two eggs now.
Shelley 01/21/10 07:04 pm Actually, Pam, the 2 eggs both hatched on Tuesday. One was due Tuesday and had hatched by the time the sun came up but the other wasn't expected to hatch till today. There was a huge storm on Tuesday, the host had branches down all over his driveway and his garage flooded. The cam got zapped and was down for awhile but he managed to get it up and running again, and that's when we were able to see that the second egg hatched -- same day!

The rain seems relentless but this hummer is protected under the eaves so I don't think she or her chicks are getting very wet. It's quite amazing. Their little beaks aren't very long yet but in 3 weeks, they will fledge!!

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