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Thread subject: Peregrine Webcam Under Threat
Name Date Message
Tiger 01/23/10 02:49 am The wonderful Regency Square Brighton Peregrine Cam has thrilled us for a number of years. Now it is under threat. This so reminds me of the Pale Male saga of 2004 (Pale male saga )

See Threat to Cam...sign the petition

For the cam see Regency Brighton Peregrine Webcam
Pam 01/23/10 08:04 am I've never watched that cam but have signed anyway. In my opinion it is for a good cause. I love to look at the rooftops when I go into town on the bus. You can ignore all the traffic and the hustle and bustle and just see a bird carrying on with its life unconcerned by anything below. Pigeons, kestrels, magpies, blackbirds, starlings, sparrows etc - all there to be seen when we really look for them. No Peregrines on our bus route unfortunately :-))
Kelly 01/23/10 08:07 am Thanks, Tiger, for bringing this to our attention. It is a real tragedy, but hopefully will have a similar outcome to Pale Male and Lola's plight ... fingers crossed :)
Tiger 01/23/10 08:19 am I have now started a Facebook group for this.

See Save The Regency Brighton Peregrines
Tiger 01/23/10 08:22 am Thanks for signing Pam.

Should we get on to Lincon Karim?
BETH-OH 01/23/10 08:36 am Thanks Tiger...
I saw this on Wed. and took
it around to several forums USA,
Netherlands and Hungarian.
Tiger 01/23/10 08:55 am Thank you Beth. I have just e-mailed Lincoln to make him aware.
Pamela 01/23/10 10:56 am I believe there presently is a post on Lincoln Karim's site regarding the problem.
Tiger 01/23/10 11:11 am Oh thank you Pamela. I had not noticed that!
DaisyG 01/23/10 11:16 am Thanks Tiger, I have signed it.
BOB4 01/23/10 12:21 pm I signed the petition.. I am for anything that helps endangered species to breed
Tiger 01/23/10 12:21 pm Thank you BOB4
martyc35 01/23/10 01:11 pm Hi, Tiger,
I just signed. Thanks for letting us know. I hope it will be saved.
Tiger 01/23/10 01:36 pm Thanks Marty. Lovely to see you again. Long time no see.
terryo 01/23/10 03:35 pm I'm on board to keep the cam up and signed the petition. Good luck.
Tiger 01/23/10 03:36 pm Thank you Terryo
Kathy 01/23/10 05:17 pm Added my name to the petition too.
Celeste 01/24/10 04:05 am Signed, sealed and delivered:-)
DarrenH 01/24/10 05:40 am Petition well and truly signed !!
Tiger 01/24/10 05:48 am Thank you.
Marie 01/24/10 05:20 pm I just signed it Tiger........may good luck prevail for the birds!
cathleen 01/24/10 08:29 pm Me too.
Tiger 01/25/10 03:17 am Thank you Marie and Cathleen. Up to 635 now.
Madeline 01/25/10 04:48 pm Signed also, Tiger:-)
Tiger 01/25/10 05:19 pm Thank you Madeleine.

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