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Thread subject: Activity at Decorah
Name Date Message
Pam 01/29/10 10:34 am Nest building this morning. Eagles in and around nest quite a lot since I looked in 10 minutes ago.
Pamela 01/30/10 09:41 am I did check throughout the day yesterday and didn't see any activity at the nest. My apologies for not responding to your post immediately. However, there is an eagle in the nest presently fiddling with nesting material. There one minute and gone the next after arranging a crooked branch.
Shelley 01/30/10 02:02 pm There are a couple of small twittering songbirds hopping around the nest at the moment. I don't recognize their calls and the cam picture is too dark and shadowy to make any reasonable ID but it is still clear that they are there (and not the eagles!)
Tim P 01/30/10 09:39 pm I've seen the pair together a few times over the past week.
Shelley 01/31/10 11:22 am Tons of little ones there now! It's still pretty shadowy but could they be goldfinches? I am seeing some flashes of yellow although they don't sound like the goldfinches that come to my feeder in summer
Tim P 01/31/10 11:25 am free loading sparrows. pair of eagles were ther earlier bringing sticks & stuff.
Pamela 01/31/10 11:32 am Earlier I watched an eagle break tiny branches of a large curved limb using its great curved beak and nestling the branch into the edge of the nest.
Sparrows have been ransacking the nest for bits of what looks like hay and carrying them away.
Marie 01/31/10 12:00 pm There is an eagle eating something now in the nest bowl and those argumentive house sparrows are keeping it company. Still a fair amount of snow in the landscape...guess it is still pretty cold in that area. The eagles are getting ready for breeding by the looks of it since the nest bowl appears to have a softer lining than last week.
Tim P 01/31/10 01:01 pm Was 5 degrees @ 6am today, 18 now.
Pam 02/02/10 04:19 am It's snowing heavily there again now...3.20am Central time. One or two people have uploaded interesting video or GIF file links on the forum. The eagles are off and on the nest quite often either building and tidying or with prey.
Tim P 02/02/10 08:30 am Where is the forum Pam?
Pam 02/02/10 10:35 am Here it is Tim:
go to
Other raptor cams and information
Tim P 02/02/10 05:45 pm Thanx Pam, according to the forum the first egg came on 3/2/09
Ive been watching every day.

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