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Thread subject: Tai leaves tomorrow ;-(
Name Date Message
Melanie 02/03/10 03:32 pm He is scheduled to leave the zoo via tractor-trailer around 9 a.m. for an 11:30 a.m. flight, via FedEx air freighter, out of Dulles International Airport.
FOB Webmaster 02/03/10 09:13 pm He needs to go -- he needs panda companionship.

Go Tai -- go and make lots of new panda bears for the world to enjoy. And have a lot of fun while you're doing it.

Have a safe trip and thanks for the memories.
Madeline 02/04/10 01:42 am From Master Too Cute, to Mr. Huba-Huba. It's been wonderful watching hime growup, but now it's time for him to find girl for himself.

Bye Tai, Good Forth and Multipli :-( :-)))
Melanie 02/04/10 09:41 am They are going to do some live coverage of his arrival (and departure) at Dulles at the Washington Post if you are lucky enough to be viewing at the right time. Live Feed
Melanie 02/04/10 11:00 am CNN has better feed right now
cheryl 02/04/10 11:34 am just watched for the last half hour and saw Tai's crate loaded on the plane. I had a good cry. I felt like I was giving up my guide dog know that they have a mission to fulfill, but it still hurts to see them go. I sure hope Tai fathers lots of healthy cubs.
martyc35 02/04/10 11:55 am They did a fairly thorough job of covering it on MSNBC, too. That surprised me. Have a great new life, Tai, and the Atlanta cub, too,
Pamela 02/04/10 12:23 pm Thanks for the links Melanie. There certainly were poignant moments during the coverage.
Melanie 02/04/10 04:30 pm My sister in MA and I were AIMing while it was going on - we gave each other a lot of cyber hankies during it all. I'm glad my boss has a great sense of humor about ospreys and eagles and pandas ;-p
cathy 02/04/10 05:21 pm The expressions these people have about watching and visiting Tai Shan are similar to the feelings I have about the online communities around animal observations: HERE Its difficult to explain, but these videos about Tai Shan's fans really capture our love of animal cams. Its amazing how observing animals at zoos and online extends to caring for the wild world.
cheryl 02/04/10 10:37 pm Could't agree more, Cathy. Thank you for the link to those very touching videos.

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