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Thread subject: We had another earthquake...
Name Date Message
martyc35 02/05/10 02:12 pm I heard it was on national news, so just thought I'd let you know it was no big deal. Hit yesterday afternoon in the middle of a high windstorm, so at first I thought it was the wind, and if it had been, I'd have had reason to worry. A 6.0 compared to our 6.5 on Jan. 9th, and this time, nothing went flying off the kitchen shelves. It was very noticeable, but nothing like the last one, thank goodness. I still can't get over the incredible difference between our 6.5 and Haiti's 7.0, though. Whew!
FOB Webmaster 02/05/10 08:01 pm Wow, high wind and another earthquake. Despite the snow, we do have it easy in the East.

Glad all is well.
Marie 02/05/10 11:41 pm That is scary seems too close to us just a little ways up the west coast.
Glad you are OK.

For all those featherheads down east, I feel for you this winter...seems too much snow is falling your way this day, evening and over night . Hoping you can all survive this onslaught of winter yet again. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Shelley 02/06/10 08:01 am Yes, the east coast (and Newfoundland, here in Canada) got hit hard with snow. Toronto, on the other hand, has barely had a dusting all winter. I spent a ton on new snow tires and so far, have been driving on mostly dry roads. There isn't a lawn in the city where the grass isn't showing. And poor Vancouver is crying for snow, with the winter Olympics set to begin in less than a week. Crazy, crazy weather...
martyc35 02/06/10 11:07 am Thanks, all, and my sympathies to the east coasters, too. I will be calling my daughter and son-in-law in Bowie, MD, just to be sure they have power through this deluge. It may be a record-setting storm for Baltimore, and my kids are between DC and Baltimore, not far from you, Melanie. Hope you are okay, Mel, Lisa, and all the folks on LI, too. What a winter! Shelley, I get my second cataract operation on the 11th and am looking forward to recuperating during the Olympics. I, too, hope Vancouver gets some snow, but then, that means Marie will get it, too! Can't win, I guess.
Shelley 02/06/10 11:09 am Take care of yourself, Marty. Happy to hear that you were spared in this latest *event*! You are a brave woman to live out there!!
Trishrg 02/06/10 11:10 am Wow, not even a peep about your shaker down here in the L. A. area Marty. All our news is rain and mudslides in the burn areas.
Wow, seeing all those eagles sitting in their nests.... Sheesh!
Melanie 02/06/10 02:26 pm Bowie is about 10 miles down Rte 50 from me. The last reports I saw put us right about 30" with more to go. We've still got power although we did have a flick around 11:30 last night. I got up and put two extra blankets at the ready. When I got up this morning there were about 10 juncos knocking at my door. It's still snowing at a pretty good clip and we still have about another 4 hours left to this. My sister just called me from the new Boston Garden and laughed hysterically when I told her where things stood at the moment. I can't remember ever getting this much in one dump when I lived in New England. I'm impressed.

They are calling this one the Snowpocalypse. It's going to take us about 5 days to fully get back on our feet.
Pam 02/06/10 03:13 pm Please stay safe those of you suffering from the extreme weather conditions.
FOB Webmaster 02/06/10 04:46 pm Two hours of shoveling and the car is about halfway out. The drift behind my car was waist deep. This may be the biggest I've had in my lifetime.

Our FoB site is down, maybe power issues. But our eagle looks pretty good on (where our cams are also seen).

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