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Thread subject: Bald Eagles and Spring Coming to NYC
Name Date Message
martyc35 02/08/10 12:20 pm Lincoln has posted some bald eagles, both young and mature, flying over Riverside Park, and Palemale and Lola valiantly gathering new twigs for their nest. Spring must be coming despite the big blizzard (I know, they are lucky the storm just skirted NYC).
Melanie 02/08/10 05:06 pm They may have missed the Big Snowpocalypse but there is no escaping tomorrow's storm. On top of the 32" we got over the weekend here in Maryland, there's another foot coming starting Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday with our name on it and this one will go north to NY & New England who are on track for even more. Brace yourself, Brigid!
martyc35 02/08/10 05:22 pm Just talked to my daughter in Bowie, MD, and they have a huge pine branch hanging off their rain gutters--just too much weight from the snow to keep it from breaking. Although they have shoveled a pathway over to it, they're still trying to figure out how to get it down before the new storm hits tomorrow. It may just stay there, although that's not the best plan. They didn't lose power, thank goodness, and now they, like you, Mel, are bracing for the new storm.
I'm not too worried about Palemale and Lola, but you are right, stand back NYC and Boston!
Pamela 02/08/10 06:23 pm Heavy snows play havoc with pines, but I'm sure they're on top of it. I'll still take the snow over what you sometimes experience. The southeast coast of MA is going to get this one, but better than a hurricane or an earthquake. All I can think about are Lisa's eagles--that poor female in for more snow.
Marie 02/09/10 01:16 pm Beautiful pictures that is for sure...
I wonder if Pale Male and Lola will have young this year...seems to me he is pretty old now...
Not sure if that makes the eggs infertile.
Nancy L 02/10/10 11:01 am Pale Male & Lola have built nests & mated, but not had any young hatch for a few years.
martyc35 02/10/10 11:08 am Some, Marie Winn among them, if I recall correctly, think that Pale Male is too old, but others, like Lincoln, think the problem is in the city's meddling with their nest, making cold air come up from below and freeze the eggs. If they don't build a new nest, like the Riverside couple have done, no one will ever know for sure, I guess.

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