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Thread subject: Decorah eagles
Name Date Message
Nancy L 02/14/10 11:02 am They're doing some more nest building & making a nice egg depression. Anyone know when they are due to lay eggs?
martyc35 02/14/10 01:25 pm I don't know the answer to your Q, Nancy, but I just looked in, and it's amazing how much snow is gone from the nest.
Pam 02/15/10 06:17 am Just read that egg laying is expected around mid-February. It is snowing quite hard again right now - still dark and nobody home. The cam is working smoothly at the moment.
Shelley 02/15/10 10:09 am Yikes! Decorah had snow overnight! Yesterday, there didn't seem to be too much in the nest but this morning, it's filled to the brim! Darn good thing there are no eggs there yet!
Pamela 02/15/10 10:29 am The female eagle is there now.
Pam, you said the camera was working smoothly at 6 this morning. Have you had trouble with a continuous streaming audio & video as I have?
Nancy L 02/15/10 11:13 am I have had the audio skip in & out quite often.
Pam 02/15/10 11:30 am has been intermittent streaming. I could not get the cam at all 20 mins ago and now it is running. An eagle was there a minute or two ago. They are having trouble with the cam due to number of viewers and are trying to fix it apparently.
Pamela 02/15/10 04:08 pm Thanks for responding Pam and Nancy. It's such a good view and to be able to hear the eagle practically breathing is amazing. Do you recommend other cameras as good as Decorah?
martyc35 02/15/10 06:23 pm I love the Norfolk eagle nest, except that the swaying in the breeze makes me slightly woozy.
cathy 02/15/10 08:19 pm It looks like the Fort St. Vrain eagle couple is about to produce eggs. The nest is ready.
Madeline 02/16/10 12:56 am Cathy, It looks like there is any egg already layed at @ 4:49pm, according to the time on the photo.
cathy 02/16/10 01:48 am Egg 1 has arrived at Fort St. Vrain. Good luck to the parents.
Pamela 02/16/10 08:35 am Thank you for the cam sites Marty and Cathy.
Wow, spring really must be in the future with all the eagle eggs appearing!
PeggyMaine 02/16/10 10:37 am Heres a link to a video of Fort St vrains first egg delivery ... Peggy
PeggyMaine 02/16/10 10:38 am Sorry I forget how to make it a clickable link :(
martyc35 02/16/10 01:05 pm Try this.
Marie 02/17/10 12:59 pm I have been watching the little house sparrows rob the dried grasses from the eagles nest. There is an eagle close by on a branch and it sounds the alarm from time to time and the little birds scatter,...funny to watch

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