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Thread subject: Osprey attacks Eagle's nest
Name Date Message
BETH-OH 02/24/10 01:28 pm

Sorry I lost my link creator info :(

I found these photos in my travels today and thought all of you might enjoy.

The gentleman who took the photos wrote this...
*Eagle had just returned with a fish when 3 Ospreys flew in just behind the Eagle. I suspect the Eagle stole the fish from one of the Osprey's, I'm thinking it's the one in my pics. Most every day the Ospreys come by the nest but keep their distance but this day Mr. Osprey was not happy!

Tiger 02/24/10 02:30 pm Those are great pictures Beth. I did not realise that ospreys would attack eagles.
BETH-OH 02/24/10 02:40 pm Could you post the link for me Tiger...

I promise to work on my link skills!
FOB Webmaster 02/24/10 02:57 pm Here you go:

Osprey attack
BETH-OH 02/24/10 03:00 pm Thank you Lisa :-)
DaisyG 02/24/10 03:45 pm Wow! Those are brilliant Beth. What fantastic photography!

LOL revenge is sweet :)))

Anne UK1 02/24/10 04:56 pm There you go Beth - take your pick :)

Link Creator 1

Link Creator 2
Celeste 02/24/10 05:05 pm Those are great captures! I was imagining the sounds both were making also! Maybe those osprey have had this happen so many times in the area they live in that they have become "conditioned" to fight back.
Tiger 02/24/10 05:52 pm Oh very efficient Anne. :)
Shelley 02/24/10 06:57 pm WOW!!

So, did the osprey get his fish back?

Thanks for that link, Beth
cathy 02/25/10 01:05 am A good view of the osprey's feet - 4 claws like points of a compass. Looks like it was willing to use them, too.
Melanie 02/25/10 03:18 pm I have seen an osprey chasing an immature bald eagle right over my apartment complex, so they are not shy about doing that at atll. Another day I watched one bald eagle chase after an osprey where I go banding when 3 other osprey flew up and joined in the fray - the tables were definitely turned, the eagle outnumbered and he turned tail and took off. An osprey rumble to be sure.
BETH-OH 02/25/10 03:38 pm Thank you Anne UK...
Melanie 02/26/10 01:21 pm Ummmm - I'm surprised no one picked up on the fact that is most likely the osprey's nest. An eagle prefers a canopy while an osprey prefers an exposed nest.
Anne UK1 02/26/10 05:25 pm I followed the link to the photographer's site Melanie, and he does seem to have shots of an eagle's nest that's not under a canopy.

Some nice photos in the osprey section too :) Link

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