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Thread subject: February at Race Rocks
Name Date Message
Pam 03/02/10 08:06 am Here's the link to the February photos.

It was a month of emotional highs and lows. Three Elephant Seals were born and all three perished. Two believed to have been washed away in storms from Middle Rock and the other believed to have been killed by its father. It was very emotional for me and I finished up in tears when the gorgeous little baby ES died - it was doing so well. Nature is very cruel at times.

With the webcam it is possible to view the VERY intimate relationships of the wildlife, some of which turned out to be too explicit to load on to Flickr but can be seen on the website (Taxonomy, elephant seals). The competition between Slash and Misery for the position of Alpha male continues but it is Slash that reigns supreme right now.

Apart from the Ellies, the Otter has been seen and also Peregrine Falcon, lots of eagles in varying degrees of plumage. Canada Geese are sussing out their potential nesting areas as are the Pigeon Guillemots which returned this month.

Please leave comments beneath the photos if you wish or watch as a slideshow. Albums are rather packed this year as I have decided it will be my last year for the monthly photos. Enjoy:

February RR
Trishrg 03/02/10 08:40 pm Thanks for the pix Pam. Enjoyed lots of stuff as always.
I left a few comments. It was very sad about the ES pup. How tough nature can be.
Marie 03/03/10 12:09 pm Pam great images once again. .. that was excellent to see that assortment of life that RR supports and so tragic with the loss of three baby elephant you said Nature can be so cruel at times. You did capture some great pics from Cam #1 of that little one. Life is always a challenge it seems not only for humans, but also for the wonderful wildlife that shares this planet.
Celeste 03/03/10 03:04 pm As always thank you Pam. The photos of the baby seal were extremely moving and emotional. As Marie indicated, life's challenges for humans and animals can definitely be difficult to accept and in the case of wildlife, to watch.
Madeline 03/04/10 12:23 am What an emotional rollercoaster this month. from the joy of a new life, to the sadness of it's death. It must be such a sad and helpless feeling for the lighthouse keeper to watch this happening, but not being able to do anything about it;-( On the brighter side, the rest of the photos brought a smile to my face :)

Thanks Pam
Pam 03/04/10 11:58 am Thanks ladies. I had an email from Ryan, the Eco-guardian. He has confirmed that Slash has fought with Misery and wounded him quite badly. Misery has retired defeated for now, to another part of the island and Slash has taken over as Bertha's partner. I have to say she looks very contented with him and not afraid of him as she was with Misery (the brute). Unfortunately she may well give birth to Misery's offspring next year but meanwhile she has some respite from the brutal treatment he dished out to her and their pup.
Celeste 03/04/10 04:26 pm So interesting Pam. Thanks for the update!
martyc35 03/04/10 04:40 pm Thanks so much, Pam. I'm sorry to hear that you are not going to continue, but I fully understand, considering how much time it takes to do this. Also very sorry about the baby seals; that must have been so painful to watch. We will miss the RR chronicles, but I'm glad to have had the privilege of enjoying them for such a long time. Where will you and Dennis go for this year's jaunt? Maybe you will post those pics:-).
Pam 03/05/10 07:18 am Hi Marty, hope you are feeling better these days. I won't give up on RR entirely but will probably upload in a pic--of-the-week format next year. As to the holiday, just don't know yet with the recession. May not get to North America this year :-((

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