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Thread subject: Decorah eagles link problems
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/03/10 05:31 pm My connection has been poor for quite some time, more start-stop buffering than actual streaming. Annoying but I accepted it as the cost of being able to view these wonderful birds. Last night, I saw both birds on the nest, then one flew off, then eventually, the other. It looked to me that the 2 eggs were left alone for a very long time (close to 2 hours before I finally shut it down.) I wondered if the cam had simply stopped.

When I tried to connect this morning, the good link was broken, giving me the message "Stream not found:rtmp://

When I try to connect through the university site itself, I keep getting the *loading* circles going round and round but never connecting.

Anyone else getting this, too?
Pam 03/03/10 05:52 pm I can't get the zoom view link to work. I did manage to connect to the homepage video (the small one) but I find it hard to see unless I zoom the whole screen. It is still stopping and starting though. I've been having trouble with the RR cam too which keeps freezing - in fact I could cheerfully put my foot through the computer this evening !!
Pam 03/03/10 05:56 pm I just noticed they have limited viewing time to 15 mins. I suspect they may also have stopped the zoom view. I suppose that's fair enough really in order to allow everyone to get a look in.
Shelley 03/03/10 05:59 pm Yes, I saw that notice, as well but I can't get on at all today. Darn!
Anne UK1 03/03/10 06:52 pm I lost the 'good' link today too. But, the small screen seems to be working fine on the main site now, with no buffering at all.

I just wish I was familiar with eagles' calls - never having watched a cam with sound before, I can't tell if what I'm hearing is an alarm or just general 'conversation'. I'm guessing it's the latter as I don't suppose they have too many predators to worry about?
FOB Webmaster 03/03/10 06:59 pm I happened to see this file today called "The Bald Eagle on Prince Edward Island." They talk about the vocalizations on pg 11.
Anne UK1 03/03/10 07:04 pm Oh thanks Lisa! I'll have a look at that :)

Shelley, I don't know which browser you use? I've just tried IE and can't get the cam to load at all. It works fine on google chrome, which I've adopted as my favourite browser recently. Firefox seems to be okay too.

Shelley 03/03/10 09:09 pm Anne, I use IE, probably because that's what I have and I know less than nothing about browsers. I wouldn't know another browser if it barked at me!

I will try the main site link tomorrow morning. I need to find a way back in before those chicks hatch!
Shelley 03/03/10 09:15 pm Thanks for that link, Lisa. I will have to read it all later but it looks interesting!
PeggyMaine 03/03/10 11:34 pm Hello everyoe. Thank you Lisa for the viewing of these beautiful birds. Sir Lance has made a couple of time lapse video I thought I would share.

Time Lapse Blackwater Bald Eagles 02/28/10 10.5 hours 3.25 minutes

Blackwater Bald Eagles 03/02/10 9:30am to 6pm Timelapse

12hrs in 4 minutes Blackwater Bald Eagles nest with eaglet and egg 02/27/10
Anne UK1 03/04/10 03:22 am IE still won't load for me Shelley, so I think that's where your problem is.

I always used it because, like you, it's all I knew. But I recently changed to google chrome and I like it much much better. Firefox is supposed to be good too.

A couple of links for you here:- Firefox and Google chrome

The only problem I have is that I can't remember my password for this message board, so I always have to go back to IE to post on here. I don't think there's a password reminder system so I'll have to set up a new account, but that's easy enough - just a matter of getting around to it.
Anne UK1 03/04/10 05:39 am Beautiful videos Peggy! :)
FOB Webmaster 03/04/10 09:08 am Great videos! I'll be sure to share them in the blog. Thanks!
martyc35 03/05/10 12:06 pm 3/5 update, 9amPST: I'm getting in pretty fast, good streaming (using Safari on a Mac), and mom is sitting on the nest, with the snow rapidly melting around her. Looks like it may be warming up just a bit there.
Pamela 03/05/10 12:13 pm Yes, I'm watching it as well Marty, but right in the middle of the screen is some kind of a symbol I can't seem to get out of the picture.
Marie 03/05/10 12:16 pm It is a lovely image today with her sitting on her eggs good to hera the other birds in the background...pity about the traffic noise. Good to see the snow disappearing.
Those pesky house sparrows are very audible.
Melanie 03/05/10 04:19 pm And I continually get the "stream not found" on Firefox, Chrome and Safari since Shelly's initial posting
Anne UK1 03/05/10 05:14 pm Melanie, the nice big screen isn't running any more. I'm guessing they cut it to help stop the buffering problems.

The only way to view now as far as I know is via the main website. Small screen, but running well. Link

Also, there's this note on the main page:-

"There are known issues for users attempting to view the stream with Internet Explorer browser versions 6 and 7; recommended browsers include Internet Explorer version 8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera."
Pam 03/05/10 05:55 pm I believe they have stopped the zoom view but if you get the small screen running you can enlarge your whole internet page to view a bigger picture. I zoom it to 200 per cent. It's much better for viewing. At least it has been running smoothly today and you can always refresh after your time-out.

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