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Thread subject: FINALLY!!!!!!
Name Date Message
Melanie 03/05/10 04:24 pm The first osprey report just got posted - flying over Easton MD (just north of Blackwater)

And the crocuses are popping their little heads up. Spring must really be right around the corner.
Lori 03/05/10 04:25 pm :)
Kathy 03/05/10 04:51 pm Ospreys & crocuses...great news!
Anne UK1 03/05/10 05:14 pm Great news! Spring is finally here, with all its promise :)
Shelley 03/05/10 07:00 pm I think it's going to be very difficult for us not to have the cam here, as the *return date* draws near.... just saying. :-(
Marie 03/05/10 08:34 pm Indeed will be difficult but we will trust in our sleuths, Pam, Melanie, Tiger and others, to find something to watch in the way of Osprey nests ...didn't EJ's in Loch Garten nest go audio last year ...certainly streaming Video.

As for Spring arriving...we have had such a host of Spring flowers , blossoms and leaves budding since the middle of February that out pollen count is so high( 275 instead of 80, for this time of year that many of us that suffer from Hay Fever etc are feeling miserable right now. Swollen, itchy eyes and coughs and sneezing +++ The pharmaceutical companies are doing big business in this area. Don't get me favorite time of year is Spring with its delicate flowers and soft gentle colours, but boy oh boy....this is too much POLLEN.
We had the warmest January on record so no wonder everything is blooming all at once.
Celeste 03/06/10 05:09 am :-)))))))) Yes Spring is a celebration and I'm sure we will be busy watching the events of other nests, but for me, maybe it's because this was the first site I ever ventured to post and watch, and maybe because of the "ties" emotionally, I am going to dearly miss the DPOF nest...
Tim P 03/06/10 06:43 am I went to "The Nest" yesterday. The boat yard is being dredged of mud. All else was quiet.
Pam 03/06/10 07:23 am Thanks Tim, PLEASE keep us informed.
Shelley 03/06/10 07:27 am Yes, Tim and Terry are our on-the-spot reports, and our eyes!! Thanks!
Kathy 03/06/10 10:05 am Thanks for the report Tim...Celeste, I know just have you feel, I will miss "our" Ospreys too.
martyc35 03/06/10 05:35 pm Thanks, Tim. You always have been a great reporter, so it's comforting to know you will be around to watch the nest. Do let us know what activity and progress you observe. Terryo, too, of course; we know it's a lot of work to row over there, but you also know how rewarding it is for us to share. And Mickey, I'll bet you will miss the cam more than anyone, so you will probably be making some trips out there, too. God speed.
cathy 03/07/10 01:32 am Don't remind me! I was going about my day here and now am reminded no DPOF web cam. Wahh! The golden days of DPOF have come to an end and we'll have to do the best we can without it. No ospreys here - but there are wetlands that I hear have been carefully preserved (for tourism!). In fact the campus where I teach was build in one.

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