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Thread subject: Archive
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TomT 03/07/10 10:26 pm This would be the time of year that we would normally be scrambling to get the camera up and running for the new season. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen this year.

What has happened this year is that the video and still images from the first three seasons have been made available on the site. Please follow the "Archive" link in the left menu to get to the archive page.

The goal is to get all of the archived material from the seven seasons copied and on-line through the site. It is also planned to create a second copy of the archived material and send it to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University.

I do not know how much interest there will be in the archive, but I hope that there is some interest in it, since I do not want seven years of work to disappear.
cathy 03/07/10 11:25 pm I think it could be summarized in some way and a paper written on the value of "citizen science" to further knowledge and understanding of life of ospreys. I started to categorize all the observations to be able to make a count of observations by day over the season (such as "courtship", "breeding", "brooding", "hatching", etc.) to see how much variation there was from year to year. Also, some unusual activity was noted - such as some years were characterized by lots of nest defense and others were less disturbed. Of course, we see only a small view of the total activity, but the web cam has the advantage of "crowd sourcing", unlike most naturalists who sit with mosquitoes for days and hours to get a sample of the activity in context.
Melanie 03/07/10 11:47 pm Even though we knew the cam was not coming back this year, having videos to go back and refer to can only help ease the loss. I think the footage from DPOF will provide us with a lot of reference as we spend more time watching our own local nests, wherever they may be.

Thanks for an amazing job. I 'm not sure who has the greater devotion - the DPOF supply end or the Featherhead consumer end. I think it's a dead heat.
Celeste 03/08/10 05:23 am Thank you Tom as always.

I happened to notice in the Guest Book that recently someone wrote the following which illustrate how important the archived video and images are:

"Hello from San Diego. For the past several months I have been watching and photographing a pair of apparently non-migrating Ospreys who have set up camp near the outlet of the San Diego River close to my wrork. Their first hatch was last spring (2009) resulting in two fledglings who have successfully moved on. The adults have been actively fishing, tending nest, and courting/mating since November 2009. This archival web cam footage has been an exceptional resource for helping visualize what is taking place up there in the nest."

I think the archived material is extremely important, if not for classrooms, but for someone like the above person who put this in our Guest Book. And, as was noted by Gessner, and to some extent by Poole, (I went to see him give a talk on osprey last year in Mass., (that streaming videos offer new information). I like what David Gessner said, "not even the experts have seen".

So yes, having the opportunity of archived videos as a reference offers in my opinion a wealth of information, and a continuing legacy for Dennis Puleston.

So appreciate all your efforts. There is a lot of heart and soul by you and the rest of DPOF these past years and I will also add from all of "us" here!
Tiger 03/08/10 05:40 am Oh Tom I a huge fan of these videos. I have watched so many of them again and again. The two that are my favs is when Flag had a cunning plan to get revenge on his larger siblings and then the day he finally (after 66 days) took flight.
Shelley 03/08/10 06:11 am I echo all of the above sentiments. I do believe the Cornell will be thrilled to add such valuable and unique archives to their wealth of information and knowledge. While there are tons of web cams everywhere now, I believe that DPOF was probably one of the first, if not the first, to pioneer the streaming video cam of such fine quality.

As for us, I would like to add my own heartfelt thanks for everything you and the team have provided us with here at this site over the years. I am grateful for what you are doing with the archives and will surely not be alone in looking back with nostalgia. What I really wish is that somehow, a CD or DVD (or more than one) could be put together of highlight clips. I for one would be willing to purchase such a thing and I'd bet I'm not alone.

Anyhow, thanks again for everything.
cathleen 03/08/10 07:31 am Tom, it is wonderful that the video footage is to be archived and made available. Thank you for providing it on this site. Also for sending it to Poole, perhaps it allow him to reconsider how useful it is now that we are not asking for $$$.

Cathy, I think that is brilliant idea to have a matrix to categorize the various observations (even if they are amateur!), and then have them as an index to video clips. I cannot think of a better way to make incontrovertibly clear the scientific value of what has been provided us at DPOF. It is a lot of work - I wonder if we can share in the task somehow to create this indexed log...
Marie 03/08/10 11:50 am Excellent Tom, Like Shelley have a DVD of some of the highlight's from each year would be fantastic and I too would be willing to purchase one.
Thank you so much for all your dedication. This site has provided me with so much knowledge, inspiration, joy and finally, so much pleasure getting to know in depth not only the subject, Ospreys, but also all our wonderful
' Featherheads '
Your team was incredible...
TomT 03/08/10 11:14 pm Actually, I have made CDs and DVDs of the contents of the web server over the years. They have always been computer oriented in that you still need RealPlayer to view the clips. I have never tried converting the files to a format that could be played with a DVD player on a TV. I guess I just assumed that they would not look very good blown up to that size. I will make a test DVD and see what it looks like.
Shelley 03/09/10 06:31 am I am pretty confident that I speak not only for myself when I say that many/most of us would be more than willing to pay for such a thing and maybe that would offset the cost to convert what you have to a DVD format. What we have been watching since day one here has never been of National Geographic photo quality. That has never stopped us from loving and cherishing every moment! ;-) I am not knowledgeable enough to know how much time or effort it would take to do such a thing but you have to know you have a patient and willing audience... Thanks again, Tom
cathy 03/09/10 07:58 pm I think most of us could watch the DVDs in RealPlayer format or even download some and burn the DVD's ourselves to avoid streaming.
Pam 03/10/10 05:45 am Your dedicated work for DPOF is very much appreciated Tom.

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