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Name Date Message
jazzel26 03/09/10 03:48 pm WHOI has a new cam, they put it up yesterday. I went down to watch, but of course I didn't have my camera with me to get pictures of the installation, DUH! I went back today to get a few site pics of the cam.

The cam is in place, and focused, they just need a couple of days to get the new server stuff tweaked. I got to see the cam view on their computer, it's going to be great. Also with the new server the cam won't go down like it used to, Jeff is very happy about that!!! The link to the cam will remain the same.

The cam has zoom. Also, sound, which they decided at this point not to use, because of wind interference. They couldn't get the new perch in the cam view because they're using the same mounting pole from last year and it's to late to change it now, but they will put a new mount up next year. The cam even has a windshield wiper! And, they put in a little gravel road to access the nest.

Jeff did a great job getting the funding and everything in place for the NEW WHOI CAM PROJECT....THANK YOU JEFF!!!
Pamela 03/09/10 05:21 pm Thank you for the absolutely wonderful news Jazzel!
Jeff's certainly a man to be commended for all the work and effort he has put into the project.
Carla 03/09/10 06:43 pm Will they be turning the sound on later in the season? Won't be Dennis and Betty but close second maybe.
martyc35 03/09/10 06:50 pm That is really great news, and thanks for letting us know. I am moving my WH bookmark up closer to the top:-).
jazzel26 03/09/10 07:50 pm Carla, I don't if they will use sound this season. The the audio test was done last month, and of course, as always lots of winter wind off Vineyard Sound. I don't know how the audio is controlled, if they have to get up to the cam to turn it on, very unlikely it will be on this year. In the summer when the trees have their leaves they should break the wind, or maybe they will be able to put something over the mic to muffle the wind, like a mic at an outdoor concert. I'm sure Jeff will be checking that out, and I will ask him about it. At this point, with all the crazy weather the priority was to get the cam mounted and focused.

I don't know how to post links to pictures on this message board, but I have pictures of the cam and nest posted in the Woods Hole Osprey topic on the Bird Cams Around the World forum.

WHOI rebuilt the nest box, added a perch, as well as putting in the gravel access road to the base of the platform. This was a lot of work, well thought out and done.

I'm so happy we will have a clear view and ( hopefully ) no cam down time with the new server!!!

Melanie 03/09/10 08:13 pm Great news! Thanks. That's always a nutty nest and fun to watch.
Pam 03/10/10 05:43 am Thanks for that great news jazzel. Will really look forward to watching that very interesting nest once more.
Liz 03/10/10 09:44 am Hi Everyone. I'm SO happy this is happening. When I visited Jeff in the summer to see the next and talk with him about micing it, I wasn't sure if it was really going to happen, but I was hopeful. He had hoped to mic it, but wasn't sure, it seemed, and though we might not get sound for this season, it sounds as if it's coming at some point. It will be worth the wait.

I'm quite excited!

I've missed you all, as I haven't been on the board in a couple of months, but will stay connected. I'll be doing osprey nest monitoring at the river behind my house through Mass Audubon starting this weekend and am very excited about that!
jazzel26 03/10/10 10:48 am Liz, where do you monitor nests? I monitor 17 nests in Bourne and Falmouth and get the GPS locations for new nests, for Mass Audubon's Cape Cod Osprey Project. What you don't learn from cams, you'll learn from the ground, a very different view. Plus you get to hear their beautiful calls!!!!
Tiger 03/10/10 07:27 pm Is there a URL for Woods Hole? My old one does not work any longer.
jazzel26 03/10/10 11:54 pm Tiger, the URL has not changed. The new server, for the new cam, is "tweaking" their end. They will have the cam up at some point this week. Jeff will be out of town until Tuesday, but he's keeping on top of the server, and keeping me updated....I'm a pest : - ) Bottom line, when the server has their end ready the URL will work, it hasn't changed.
martyc35 03/13/10 12:54 pm Yes, knowing WH from the past, when it wouldn't download quickly, I assumed they were just offline for the nonce, as in the past. I've kept my bookmark and will check in every so often. Guess you will just have to be patient, Tiger:-).
Liz 03/19/10 01:43 pm Jazzel, so sorry....didn't get back on dpof after your post last week.

i monitor nests in weymouth :-) no one back as of last week.

but you have to have gps to do what you're saying, right?

enjoy the weather everyone!

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