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Thread subject: Morven Starts Her Spring Migration
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/13/10 08:15 pm Morven the Roy Dennis tracked osprey has started her spring migration. See Morven
Anne UK1 03/14/10 07:11 am Doesn't it bring the biggest smile to your face reading that? :)

Thanks Tiger - I looked yesterday but didn't see that page. Safe journey Morven.
Tiger 03/14/10 07:21 am Oh I so love the tracking. It adds a whole new dimension to folowing ospreys.
Tiger 03/14/10 07:41 am Roy Dennis is talking in Edinburgh this week.

OSPREY world expert Roy Dennis is set to hold an illustrated talk on birds of prey next week.

The speech, on 16 March will focus mainly on ospreys. It will cover breeding pairs of the bird in the north of Scotland, carrying out satellite tracking, building and maintaining artificial nests and encouraging people to conserve ospreys on their lands.

The talk will be held at 7:30pm at the Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre, Napier University. Entry fee is £3, including tea and coffee.

See Roy Dennis

Pamela 03/14/10 08:15 am Oh, I dearly love Morven. Thanks for the exciting news Tiger.
If I lived near Edinburgh, I would be in the audience listening to one of my favorite osprey speakers. He covers it all with occasional humor.
Tiger 03/14/10 09:05 am Oh Pamela you have heard Roy Dennis speak then? I have not yet had the pleasure!
Pamela 03/14/10 06:02 pm I have Tiger and thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, take it--you will never regret it!
He and Alan Poole introduced the community of Westport to the numerous advantages of osprey tracking.The Westport River is home to numerous osprey platforms and approximately 80 pairs are monitored. Massachusetts Audubon's Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary and the Westport River Watershed Alliance participate actively with schools and volunteers to further the study of ospreys and continue the work of Gil Fernandez, Alan Poole and countless others. Rob Bierregaard arrives on his way to the Vineyard and attaches the satellite transmitters. I feel so lucky because the area really is an osprey heaven.
Marie 03/14/10 06:18 pm Great! I love all this tracking too Tiger. Just increases ones AWE for these spectacular migrants.
DaisyG 03/14/10 08:31 pm I agree Pamela, having been to one of Roy's talks at Boat of Garten. He really is an excellent and entertaining speaker.

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