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Thread subject: Hummer nest cam
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/14/10 07:37 pm Not sure what is going on with the chat at the moment; it seems disabled (not that I ever post, but I read what's going on). But the camera is zoomed in and Phoebe is off the nest to reveal one egg with a hole in it!

I'd love to know how to do a capture of this!!

I had it on most of the afternoon. Today is the first day expected for a possible hatching of her 2 eggs but I never thought we'd actually see it! Amazing that the host was able to super zoom like this and capture this while Phoebe was off. She is back now...
hummingbird nest cam
Melanie 03/15/10 12:12 pm I just looked in and she's again off the eggs. I think that's just debris on the eggs. If they were pipping then I suspect that egg is probably no longer viable at this point. But I really do think it's just debris.
Anne UK1 03/15/10 12:25 pm I took a capture - complete with the message that I'm banned from the chat section! Link

I think there must be a problem with that if Shelley's also not able to read it. Can't imagine I've done anything bad anyway - I'm not even registered on there.
Anne UK1 03/15/10 12:31 pm Ah yes, they've now put a note at the top to say Ustream is automatically banning due to the number of chatters. I guess it's extra busy today, with the first hatch expected.

3,500 viewers! Wow, that's one popular little bird :) I can see the chat now, can't tell yet if they think the egg is pipping - lots of questions on there, but not many mods answering.
Anne UK1 03/15/10 12:33 pm Sorry to keep adding new posts, but it's quicker than knocking out all the br thingies.

Just put the cam on full screen, and I swear I can see something tiny moving in the middle of that black mark. Looks like the tip of a tiny beak? Maybe someone with a keener eye can tell.
Melanie 03/15/10 12:36 pm They can ban me from that inane chat thing as much as they want - just let me watch the nest.
Anne UK1 03/15/10 01:00 pm Is the cam working okay for you Melanie? If not there's a refresh button at the bottom left of it.

I like the chat to keep tabs on what's happening. It's not too informative today though, just when you most want it to be. I think something's happening though.
Anne UK1 03/15/10 01:06 pm Another capture. Is the hole larger?

Pic 2
Melanie 03/15/10 02:30 pm Right now it looks like the two blobs that I thought were debris have joined into one hoe so obviously that wasn't debris. It looks like a third pin
hole may be started?
Marie 03/15/10 02:41 pm I am watching too......fantastic ZOOM.

Great captures Anne ;-)
Shelley 03/15/10 02:51 pm Interesting. I watched last night until it was nearly dark there. The egg with the 2 holes was on the left yesterday but on the right today. Those are definitely holes, not debris. Yesterday, maybe because it was end-of-the-day light, it was very very clear and easy to see the chick moving inside the egg. The colouration was different and you could really see the movement and once, I even saw what I think was the tip of a beak poke out a hole for a second. I am somewhat alarmed to see not much has happened since then, right now, as she has just flown off the nest. I don't know if that means anything or not. I didn't think it should take this long for a chick to emerge, if all was ok. Sigh...

As I type this, there are nearly 5000 viewers watching, and that is why the chat is banning. I'm with you, Mel. I can live without the incessant jabber as long as the cam stays on. Host is doing a fabulous job of zooming in and the clarity is terrific.
Celeste 03/15/10 06:41 pm I watched for a bit also, and yes it was nearly 5000 viewers. I also saw the egg with the holes on the right side of the nest also!
Shelley 03/15/10 06:48 pm The last time I saw the eggs, the one with the holes was back on the left. But I have to wonder if it is ok. The 2 holes remain but no further progress is visible. I would think that the chick would have made it out by now. Yesterday, I could actually see it poking around and it was possible in the light at the end of the day, to practically see movement through the shell. Today, nada. So sad. Chat seems back on for the moment. I wonder if the second egg will hatch.
Pam 03/16/10 05:10 am Well it's just past two California and there are just under 600 people logged on to the cam - nothing to see - pitch black but there is sound. The chat is on but everyone has said goodnight and gone to bed !!!
Melanie 03/16/10 10:27 am The hummer baby still has not hatched. They are not not holding onto hope at this point.

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