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Thread subject: WOW! Much excitement on the hummer nest!!
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/16/10 04:28 pm I can't believe my luck at being at the computer right at the moment this happened. Apparently, a lizard was seen peering into the nest. I did not see the lizard but I did hear and see Phoebe going ballistic, defending the enst. She apparently attacked the lizard. But what was incredible was actually seeing her zip in, remove the dead egg with the holes, and zip out, leaving the one remaining egg.

Needless to say, chat was going nuts, too. But it was really fascinating to watch. I think she removed the decaying egg so as not to attract more lizards. She did return to check on the nest, remove something (maybe a stray bit of shell?).

I never knew or saw a bird remove an egg from its own nest. She was very fast and very deliberate but wow, the adrenalin was running!!

Nature is something!!
Celeste 03/16/10 04:42 pm This is the first I am getting a chance checking in..still major storm issues in my I could have seen that, but I'm glad you are our "hummingbird reporter"!:-)
Pam 03/16/10 05:17 pm Been watching but missed that Shelley. Cam has been down for a while too. Apparently there is a video of the lizard on Facebook. The other egg still looks in one piece to me.
Shelley 03/16/10 05:38 pm Here is a link:

Godzilla attack

The host managed to post it. The actual lizard appearance comes at the 57 minute mark. You can move the bar across the bottom to get there. You can hear Phoebe's wings buzzing frantically for some minutes prior to that. Did she hear the lizard, smell him, see him? Who knows, but somehow, she *knows* and goes into full protective mode. He looks huge (coming in from the extreme left side of the screen). People thought it was a snake until his legs appeared, lol!

But remember, the camera is zoomed in. The actual hummer nest is the size of a golf ball and the eggs are the size of tictacs. Phoebe removing the dead egg appears 3 minutes later, at the 1 minute mark (the times are in that quote box)
Pam 03/16/10 07:10 pm thanks Shelley. Couldn't get that vid to work from the website itself but have seen it through your link. Amazing.
Nancy L 03/17/10 11:05 am That was really neat, Shelley. Seeing the lizard was exciting!
Anne UK1 03/17/10 03:31 pm I've just tuned into that cam for the first time today. Looks like both eggs are gone now. I see the lizard but not the nest. Chat seems to suggest Phoebe has left the scene as there's nothing for her to guard any more.

Poor thing, she's not had much luck with these last two broods :(
Anne UK1 03/17/10 03:40 pm Oh, now I see the egg is still there and Phoebe is buzzing around trying to chase the lizard off. Poor thing - it's not easy being such a small bird is it. I took a capture Link
Shelley 03/17/10 05:03 pm Gosh, yes, I was out most of the morning and early afternoon and went to check the cam as I cooled down from my long walk. Sure enough, the lizard came into view and I saw the camera zoom in close. Too close, actually, but in the end, the lizard was either dozing or just overly cautious (leading me to wonder if it was the same one from yesterday, remembering his *incident*). In any case, he did not attempt to actually get into the nest and at some point, we did hear Phoebe buzzing around frantically, so maybe that's why he disappeared.

I have to wonder if this last egg is even viable. I have my doubts... So sad. She may well be nearing the end of her productive years.
Anne UK1 03/17/10 06:14 pm Yes, I'm wondering the same Shelley - she's a good age for a hummer I think. They expected both eggs to have hatched by yesterday, so it's not looking promising.

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